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Thread: Blackadder's FW Chaos Warhound Build

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    Default Blackadder's FW Chaos Warhound Build

    Blackadder's FW Chaos Warhound Build

    I debated whether to append this to the Lucius scratchbuilt Warhound thread or start a new thread. There will be a side by side comparison of Lucie my scratchbuilt to the various components of an actual Forge World titan which should prove interesting and hopefully I will not be tearing out too much hair over grievous discrepancies.

    I opted for the Chaos version because considering FW's propensity for less than perfect castings I figured this would be so much less noticeable on something that is supposed to be outrageously deformed.

    That and I just think the Chaos version is the more interesting of the Mars Pattern.

    I'll be posting images as soon as I get over the initial excitement of ownership of a real FW Warhound.

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    Below is the initial opening of the shipment carton with the top sheet of bubble wrap removed. I suppose FW tested the durability of the various pieces of brittle resin and arrived at the optimum packaging and shipping procedure that all components survive the ministrations of the erstwhile UPS package handlers.

    To the untrained eye the contents look like they were unceremoniously just dumped into the box.

    Unpacking the container revealed the only thing reasonably protected was the instructions and certificate of ownership.

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    Sounds about right. Good luck with getting it all to fit together. You may wonder why you didn't just scratch-build that one too.
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    Ooh look, new parts for your Lucius Warhound!

    It'd be tricky to find bubbles or damage with this model I guess, since the model itself is already so worn up. That is, if you're not unlucky and there's a bubble in a place where it really shouldn't be.
    Really love the interior pieces for this one.
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    The first order of business and to address something I am dying to know is how well did my best guesstimate of the size and shape of the weapons compare to a FW original? I had to use my best estimate in relative size for virtually all aspects of my scratchbuilt Wolf Warhound having never seen one in the flesh ah resin that is and it has always been a source of consternation how Lucie would measure up to the real Mcoy.

    I know even from the pictures later acquired on the web that Lucie has more robust legs in cross-section than the regulation titan and that changes I made to the carapace and hull give her a more massive appearance but that was intentional. The major concern was the weapons, head, waist and feet.

    Well for the weapons at least........... aside from the caliber of the megabolter its a pretty good match

    I am very please that there is no significant discrepancy, whew!

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    An addenda to the last post, there is significant difference with my turbo laser compared to the FW original. It appears my laser's caliber is less than and (this really gets me) my infrared sight is longer?

    Referring to the bottom view I had no image to go by so my detail is sparse compared to the real McCoy. But I think I can live with it.

    More comparisons to follow even if they reveal further discrepancies.


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    Meanwhile Lucie sustained a wee bit of battle damage and I can use this time to repair and upgrade her attached pieces to rare-earth magnets and remove the tape and Velcro adherents.
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    Since the image host I was using no longer supports my images I have to repost a lot of the lost work on this new host.

    I took new pictures and am incorporating the renovation modifications to Lucie so as not to bore those that have seen the original posts

    I am also including a side by side comparison with a FW original albeit a Chaos Mars Pattern bit the mechanical components are virtually the same.

    First the head, the strange rings behind the head are the gymbal I made to allow the head to swivel back and forth and up and down a feature not included in the FW model but hey they included an interior!

    Next a profile view of the neck mechanism and head with a relative size comparison:

    Finally a closer view of the neck pieces, what the hey I took the picture why not post it:

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    Well here it is; the first documented proof of insanity in my family. Not only have I purchased a Chaos Warhound for my son last Christmas but I bid and won one for myself just recently and to compound the mania I bid on a Lucius Pattern Wolf Warhound from Russia and I won that one as well. Someone stop me before I can no longer afford to support the national debt.............

    Now I'm gonna have to sell my kids for scientific experiments............

    On the plus side I do have a comparison of my scratch work to a real bona fide Lucius Pattern Warhound............

    On the minus side there are discrepancies.

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    You know my position on forging and copyright violations and hell I don't even buy 'Luk' gasoline.

    I looked the images over closely on ebay and other than the resin colour which FW used for some of their models (I have a FW Baneblade cast in Axson F16, resin that I'm sure isn't a forgery). I certainly didn't want a knockoff inferior casting.

    If you look closely in the far right of the image there are what appears to be the conduits cast in black neoprene and the cooling compartment screen of the proper size and shape. as the original FW models used to come with; not cast resin as they do now.

    On receiving the model my son and I inspected the pieces carefully for evidence of recasting but: all the pieces were there, were crisp edged, not warped, and fit perfectly together with no bubbles or missing detail (Hmmm that should have been a clue; FW models don't ever arrive like that.)

    If its a copy its damned better than the average original.

    I took it to be that someone bought it a while ago, saw it was beyond their modeling ability and wisely put it aside instead of botching it up and finally decided to liquidate it for financial reasons.

    Now I see that theres another from the same seller using exactly the same image..............

    which has aroused my suspicions.

    Other than the weird colour (the actual model is a much more beige hue similar to the production Baneblade) What is it to you that indicates it is an illegal cast ?.

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    Hmmmn. The cast itself seems very nice, but the fact that the seller is selling another identical one is highly suspect. Looking back trough the seller's negative feedback for the past year turns up a sufficient number of accusations of recasting for me to consider them dodgy. The question now is: what can you do about it? On the down side, you got stung, but on the plus side, you got stung by such a good copy it's actually better than many official FW casts. Personally, I'd just chalk it up to experience and crack on with the painting, but of course it's your call.
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    I don't feel I got stung so much as I kick myself for supporting counterfeiting albeit unknowingly. I considered the sellers rating sufficiently high to not investigate the feedback which in retrospect I should have. I have had such good luck on ebay that I have become complacent in my bidding and I shall have to be more careful in the future. As I stated before the castings are as perfect as one could want considering the medium so quality is not an issue. And those neoprene conduits which match the FW original exactly now that I can compare them first hand and the cooling compartment fan grid. Where can you get that manufactured?

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    Its time gentlemen for another helpful hint from Héloise AKA the Blackadder.

    Today regarding a bit kitchen esoterica known as a 'melon baller'. This device serves the useless purpose of gouging out spheroid shaped lumps of melon thereby rendering half the consumable portion melon as waste and also eliminating the hazard of a diner cutting his mouth on a sharp edged piece of melon that has been cut into bite-sized but unsightly non-standardized cubes.

    Let us now see if this rather superfluous device can be employed to a useful purpose.

    As you know I am pathologically fixated on making the joints of my model movable (for whatever purpose but the fun is in stimulating my brain cells with these little problems).

    I have searched the hardware stores for thin hollow steel spheres to incorporate into the articulated sockets of the various pieces of model joints.

    While clearing out the kitchen drawer I found this little gadget that I don't believe I have ever seen used.

    What ho sayeth I, the very thing I seek what's more they are readily available in dollar stores, Amazon and ebay all for a couple of buck each including shipping............ I found the yellow handled one for $1.25 plus shipping $1.63

    Just the thing to partner the rare earth magnets installed in the opposite component of the socket.

    BTW the brown smutchz in the cup is rust.......... Rust is good; it means the steel is magnetic.

    keep you eyes open and check wifey's equipment stash. She may have just what you are looking for............. Ahem..........

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    Very inventive, super progress
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    Cảm ơn bạn, ở Việt Nam không?
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    Blackadder's Chaos Warhounds:

    I have become incredibly ambitious. After cleaning, priming and basic painting the Hierophant and waiting for the paint to dry I looked around for something else to work on. My son is coming home from college for ten days this month so I thought I'd surprise him by cleaning the flash, vents and manufacturing errors on our two Chaos Titans. We are at odds as to what theme to paint them I lean more to a mottled green and he to a red. I don't suppose that they have to match colour-wise. I would appreciate input in this regard.

    This is the colouration I have chosen for my Chaos Titan with a few amendments.

    Anyway it took me about two hours each to trim of the non-titan material and they are ready to paint. No pictures as yet as we have all seen kit form Chaos Titans and I have the parts separated in zip lock sandwich bags. I am very enthused about tackling a Chaos interior since the Tyranid army has many similar aspects.

    Here's a little quiz to see of you can qualify as an aircraft inspector.

    Take a close look at the nicely painted titan above and see why it always looked strange to me I just couldn't put my finger on it; the problem being you expect things to be as they are supposed to be.

    Closer inspection revealed six major mistakes in the build................

    See if you can find them (Note left and right hand anomalies count as one; multiple anomalies of the same parts count as one.)

    Note, the sixth one is toughest to find
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    So many things to be flabberghasted about in this thread. Titan-quantity-overload, velcro on miniatures, melon-ballers as weapon mounts, health & safety disclaimers about sharp melon cubes...
    I am clueless as to the build faults but the colour scheme looks nice. Chaos always looks at its best when it looks at its worst.
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    Ha! I forgot what I wrote last year..............

    We'll let the contest ride for a while; thanks for the reply.

    No Chaos Turbo Laser

    There is no Turbo laser for the FW Chaos Warhound so I have to make one. Not as easy as it may seem; there's a fine line between too little and too much distressing I hope I haven't exceeded it. Of course once its all a homogeneous colour it won't look as bad and I need so Chaos style icons to dress it up and of course the webbing between the components.

    I'm starting the subsurface ligaments at the moment......

    It's kind of fun ruining 60 buck worth of resin....

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    And So It Begins:

    After a diligent search I have finally come up with a theme for my Chaos Warhound. Not surprisingly courtesy of my mentor in absentia,

    Buypainted's Jaro.

    I'v been searching for the right green and metal motif and while it isn't a Warhound it is Chaos a vehicle scheme that should be easily adapted to the Warhound.

    So first a coat of Flat Black Prime:

    I use aerosol acetone/ toluene based primer instead of the acrylic water soluble primer for 1, it's compatible with both resin and acrylics and 2, it's a lot cheaper.

    Note I did not try to cover completely with one coat; a couple of thin coats are better than one heavy coat which takes longer to dry and the thick paint obscures the fine detail.
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    Just a note to keep this thread updated.

    On the 13th June I ordered the requisite material to paint and finish the 'Chaos Warhound' the actual assembly of which is relatively simple now that I have all the parts cleaned and inventoried. I would like to at least index the leg components so a variety of poses will be possible contingent on the durability of the material. I cannot hope for the flexibility of 'Lucie" of course but some alternate positioning should be possible given the availability of threaded hardware and rare earth magnets.

    So whilst I am waiting for the paint perhaps I should demonstrate how I intend to articulate the model.
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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