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    Default Mousekiller\'s Dwarven Army

    Kalar Stonefist, Dwarf Thane -- 68 points
    Karal Stonefist, Dwarf Thane -- 68 points
    Logan Battlefury, Dragon Slayer -- 70 points
    Bardal the Mad, Dwarf Runesmith -- 66 points
    The Baggage Train, 20 Dwarf Warriors - 210 points
    Dregar's Treestompers, 10 Dwarf Warriors -- 130 points
    Bhalgur's Surefires, 16 Dwarf Quarrellers w/cmd -- 222 points
    Dragon's Defemders, 16 Dwarf Thunderers -- 222 points
    The Gryphon's Claw, 10 Dwarf Longbeards -- 160 points
    Belegar's Brave, 12 Dwarf Ironbreakers -- 223 points
    The Oathsworn, 10 Dwarf Slayers -- 152 points[/b]
    Stinger, Dwarf Bolt Thrower -- 55 points
    Karal's Grudge, Dwarf Grudge Thrower -- 80 points
    The Dragons Breath, Dwarf Cannon -- 120 points
    The Quintuplet, Dwarf Organ Gun -- 120 points

    LORDS: 0% HEROES: 16.08% CORE: 46.37% SPECIAL: 30.94% RARE: 5.89%
    TOTAL: 2036 points.

    500 point Dwarf Army
    1000 point Dwarf Army
    2000 Point Dwarf Army


    While excavating further tunnels in Karak Norn, a group of miners discovered a small rune bound chest. The discovery was brought to the immediate attention of the King of Karak Norn, who then called his greatest Runesmiths together to decipher the ancient text that seemed to bind the chest closed. After several days of deliberation, which is very fast in Dwarf terms, the answer was that the chest was "evil". During the trials, three of the Runesmiths were severely injured, their minds reduced to childish gibberish. Recognizing that the chest could pose a great threat, but unknowing of the exact nature of the threat, the King of Karak Norn decides to dispatch a small force to take the chest to the greatest Runelord still living, Thorek Ironbrow of Karak Azul.

    Hoping to not cause great alarm in his own kingdom, the King sends a summons to a remote clan, the Stonefists. and Kalar Stonefist, leader of the clan, immediately dispatches his eldest son, Karal Stonefist and his best warriors and quarrellers to meet with the King. Once Karal arrives, he is given the chest and a sealed letter to present to the other Dwarf Holds along his route south, with specific instructions not to read the letter. He is also given a great cannon and contingent of the Kings very own body guard to ensure success of the mission.

    Heading south through the Grey Mountains, it is not long before Karal and his contingent are set upon by a Night Goblin tribe, attacking with a fury and precision unusual for the greedy Gobbos. All may have been lost, but as the battle began to turn a roaming band of Slayers arrived, pushing the tide of battle back in favor of the dwarves. Soon, the Night Goblins were in a full route. After explaining his mission to Logan Battlefury, the leader of the Slayers, Logan agrees to stay with the Stonefists until the expedition is complete.

    In the meantime, Skarsnik,, Warlord of the Eight Peaks, had been engaged in a stalemate attack on the defensive hold of Karak Eight Peaks against the self-proclaimed true king of the Hold, Belagar Ironhammer. As the dwarves of the Hold began to prepare a counter offensive to attempt to sway the battle, a great mist arose shrouding the battlefield. When it dispersed, the entire night goblin army had left. Taking a portion of his forces, Belegar gave pursuit north thru the badlands, and across the black mountains, with the Warlord always one step ahead. During this pursuit, Belegar gave witness to Orc and Goblin tribes gathering in numbers that he had not seen even in his time retaking the Eight Peaks, numbers that could only mean one thing- invasion! Belegar and his force finally found the army, camped in the midst of what was once a small dwarven settlement, the Stonehand Hold. Now reduced to rubble, a rage came over Belegar and his army charged straight in, finally routing the army of night goblins and sending them scrambling. After questioning a few captured goblins, and before executing them, it is discovered that Skarsnik was seeking a chest within the hld. Soon finding the devastated remnants of the Stonefist clan, Kalar Stonefist relayed the tale of the chest and his son’s treacherous quest to deliver it to Karak Azul. With a promise to rejoin him, Belegar leaves a small contingent with Kalar to assist him in getting the surviving woman and children to the safety of Karak Norn and to help bolster his son’s chances of success. With that, Belegar sets off to warn the King of Kings, Thorgrim Grudgebearer of what has transpired and of what he saw in the Badlands, while Kalar speedily heads to catch up with his son.

    Works in Progress: Neutral Armies
    Works in Progress: Armies of Order
    Works in Progress: Armies of Chaos
    Works in Progress

    ARMY Links:



    Mortals of Chaos
    Beasts of Chaos

    Vampire Counts

    Orcs and Goblins
    Ogre Kingdoms
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