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    Default Mousekiller\'s Dwarven Army

    Karal Stonefist, Dwarf Thane -- 67 Points
    Logan Battlefury, Dragon Slayer -- 50 points
    10 Dwarf Warriors w/great weapon and cmd -- 125 points
    10 Dwarf Thunderers -- 165 points
    10 Dwarf Longbeards w/Shields and cmd -- 145 points
    16 Dwarf Quarrellers w/cmd -- 201 points
    10 Dwarf Slayers w/cmd-- 143 points
    Dragons Breath Cannon w/engineer] -- 105 points

    LORDS: 0% HEROES: 11.69% CORE: 63.54% SPECIAL: 24.78% RARE: 0%
    Total is 1001 points.

    500 point Dwarf Army
    1000 point Dwarf Army


    While excavating further tunnels in Karak Norn, a group of miners discovered a small rune bound chest. The discovery was brought to the immediate attention of the King of Karak Norn, who then called his greatest Runesmiths together to decipher the ancient text that seemed to bind the chest closed. After several days of deliberation, which is very fast in Dwarf terms, the answer was that the chest was "evil". During the trials, three of the Runesmiths were severely injured, there minds reduced to childish gibberish. Recognizing that the chest could pose a great threat, but unknowing of the exact nature of the threat, the King of Karak Norn decides to dispatch a small force to take the chest to the greatest Runelord still living, Thorek Ironbrow of Karak Azul.

    Hoping to not cause great alarm in his own kingdom, the King sends a summons to a remote clan, the Stonefists. Kalar Stonefist, leader of the clan, immediately dispatches his eldest son, Karal Stonefist and his best warriors and quarrellers to meet with the King. Once Karal arrives, he is given the chest and a sealed letter to present to the other Dwarf Holds along his route south, with specific instructions not to read the letter. He is also given a great cannon and contingent of the Kings very own body guard to ensure success of the mission.

    Heading south through the Grey Mountains, it is not long before Karal and his contingent are set upon by a Night Goblin tribe, attacking with a fury and precision unusual for the greedy Gobbos. All may have been lost, but as the battle began to turn a roaming band of Slayers arrived, pushing the tide of battle back in favor of the dwarves. Soon, the Night Goblins were in a full route. After explaining his mission to Logan Battlefury, the leader of the Slayers, Logan agrees to stay with the Stonefists until the expedition is complete.

    Karal Stonefist, the eldest son of the King of the Stonefist Clan Kalar Stonefist. Karal, a mere 108 years old, has been given a critical mission by his father, Kalar. He was tasked to travel to Karak Norn, retrieve a package from the king of Karak Norn, then proceed to travel to Karak Azul to present the package to Thorek Ironbrow for examination. A simple box inscribed with one glowing rune... Along with thsi the King of Karak Norn also gave him sent with him 10 of his best warriors, from his own personal guard (The Gryphons Talons), and a letter that he was told to present to each King that he came across on his way to Karak Azul, but oathsworn not to read himself.

    Logan Battlefury, brother of Logrim Battlefury and the original heir apparent to the Battlefury Clan. Logan took the slayer oath many years ago, after fighting a decisive battle against a hording Night Goblin army. Outnumbered nearly ten to one, Logan and his father charged into battle knowing that victory was not possible. The Battlefury Clan fought valiantly, and somehow managed to route the Gobbo's, but at a terrible cost. Logan's father lost his life, as did three fourths of the remaining dwarf army. From this day, Logan and a handful of the surviving Battlefury Clan took the slayer oath, vowing to erradicate the Gobbo incursion into the kingdoms of the Dwarves.

    Bhalgur Surefire, another dwarf of a young age, being born the same year as Karal Stonefist, has quickly become one of the best and most reliable hunters of the Stonefist Clan. Not having a "proper" fighting force, Karal asked Bhalgur to gather his best hunters together to form a fine crossbow regiment. Bhalgur did this, and within a matter of hours the Surefires were ready for this grand adventure.

    Every dwarf of the Stonefist clan, no matter his station, is required to have a proffession and to be a warrior. In times of war the Stonefist clan calls its levies together into loose groups of individuals. In this case, the tree cutters of the Stonefist clan have banded together under the leadership of Dregar Treestump when they heard of the expedition of Karal. Sharpening their blades for the journey, this group is anxious to prove its worth in battle.

    The Dragon's Defenders are a small detachment of marksmen, hired directly by Thorgrin Dragonsbreath, to defend the Dragon's Breath Cannon, allowing it to maximize damage on the battlefield and protecting it during transport.

    The Gryphon's Claw is an elite guild within Karak Norn that comprises some of the mightiest warriors within the hold, all of whom are oathsworn to the King of Karak Norn himself and would gladly give their lives in his service. The King has granted this small contingent to protect Karal on his quest, knowing what few other Dwarfs know, that the outcome of this mission could very well be the end for what remains of the Dwarven Empire.

    Once proud members of the Battlefury Clan, this group of Dwarfs have taken the Slayer Oath and vowed two things, to follow Logan Battlefury to the death and to ensure that that death comes at the cost of many Greenskin lives. Every member of the Oathsworn lost a great number of fathers, brothers, and sons during the battle of Jorgen Pass. After taking the oath, this group of Slayers have given up right to clan in order to wander the world freely, in search of there prey.

    The pride and joy of Karak Norn, the Dragons Breath is the oldest and still the most reliable cannon still in service. Led by the Engineer, Thorgrin Dragonbreath, this Cannon and its crew have turned the tide of many battles to the favor of the Dawi. As a final gesture of faith and confidence in the mission, the King of Karak Norn has gifted the use of the cannon for the duration of his quest.

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