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    Default Just noticed a new magazine out there

    A lot of work to make and there are a few good bits in this production and ....its free!

    I searched and did not find any refs here about it except for tee shirts but, I am not around much like before so, if it has already been posted or should be in a different topic please forgive


    PS...IPM - Becca waves hi also!

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    that would be sheffield irregulars magazine.

    sheffield irregulars is a small painting group in sheffield and they have just started the magazine

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    Yep, what Sam said. Some of my non mini stuff is in there.

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    Yes it is Roger!
    You are really special in my book not only theirs. Hope this finds you happy and healthy.

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    Thankyou. I\'m very happy, health is a bit up and down but overall okay.

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    Thanks for posting this TAB :)

    Could you let me know where you found out about the magazine from - so I can keep track?

    Many thanks

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    There you go

    I have a google search that gets returned each day about miniatures from google I find a great bit of information this way including what I posted today....
    You go and enter what you want to keep abreast of and wala


    I see from your sig you liked it :D

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    Didn\'t know about the alerts - that\'s cool.
    Nice to know our blog site gets picked up for stuff like that.

    (My husband is one of the mag editors - I added the sig a couple of weeks back and updated it tonight) :)

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    oo must have a read. sorry i havent been able to come in Becky, flu, france, and basketball has scuppered me for a few weeks

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    No worries Max - but if you still have FLU please spare us until you\'re better, thanks :)

    Otherwise, we\'re at Patriot Games every sunday in July - and you have a GD entry to paint!

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    [i](My husband is one of the mag editors - I added the sig a couple of weeks back and updated it tonight) :)
    Well give hubby a hug I know how much time this takes and commitment

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    Aside from some layout issues I personally have with the magazine (I am a graphic designer) I think it is great. It had alot of nice information in it and I like that it was free. That gave me a chance to see what the magazine has to offer without breaking my pockets. I look forward to the next issue.

    I actually would not mind writing an article for it if they would let me :D

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    We\'ve had over 1000 downloads in the week since issue 1 was released. I\'d like to say thanks to all the CMoNer\'s who\'ve had a look at the magazine.

    We\'d love to hear feedback from you, and if anyone is interested in writing an article for a future issue - or even doing some artwork please contact Editor Jason via irregularmagazine@googlemail.com.

    We\'ve already had one entry for the sci-fi writing competition, and looking forward to receiving lots more short stories!

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