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    Default Emuse\'s \"blue\" sentinel

    I want to do my death korp in that kind of blue colour:


    Is it GW, P3 or something else?

    Before anyone gets real clever, I already tried a PM :)

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    Not the same color, but somewhat similar ... you could try playing around with VMC Field Blue. I tried and this is my result: http://www.darklined.com/assets/gallery/longshot/longshot_web_8.jpg

    Maybe Field Blue mixed with a bit of white will do the trick.

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    VMC Field Blue is a great colour. If you want to make it a bit more vibrant you can mix it with some Hawk Turquoise, or similar colour.

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    you could also pm him to find out what he used

    i just saw you already did that :D

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    I would advice people to be a little bit more adventurous when it comes to colours. If you know what colour you want to get, and don\'t have any pre-mixed colour that fits the bill, try to mix something yourself. It\'s usually not that difficult, especially if you can find colours that are quite close, that only needs tweaking a bit. Getting a better understanding of colours and how to mix them to get what you want is infinitely useful. Just imagine what you\'d do the day you find something in real life you want to mimic, and you can\'t simply ask another painter what colours he/she used. Or you have an image in your head that you want to portray in miniature... you can\'t ask people how to mix paints to match colours you only have in your mind.

    Don\'t be afraid to play around with colours and try different things. Be as bold and crazy as you want! If it works you\'ve learned something useful, and if it doesn\'t work, you\'ve still learned something. And you can always re-paint the area with something you feel more comfortable with, if the experiment isn\'t that successful.

    Most of the time, the EXACT paint recipe isn\'t that important to achieve a certain effect. There\'s many, many ways to achieve that blue colour of the sentinel, for instance, or something close enough.

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    Originally posted by Ritual
    I would advice people to be a little bit more adventurous when it comes to colours. If you know what colour you want to get, and don\'t have any pre-mixed colour that fits the bill, try to mix something yourself.
    Good advice! Mixing is easier said than done but it\'s a core skill in painting and not something to be shied away from.

    And as I\'ve said before you could get the exact formula from someone and because of slightly differences in the way you paint and the colour of your primer you could get very different results anyway. Even if you do work over the same primer exactly the varied way each person adds sequential colours, the number of coats and other things could still result in something that doesn\'t look the same!


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    I should probably have mentioned that I already tried mixing some of the blue paints I have.

    I tried P3 Trollblood with some hawk turquoise - but that was too desaturated. I don\'t get that warm almost-turquoise blue.

    Furthermore, as I\'m going to do an entire army in that scheme it would be so much easier if it was a certain colour for the basecoat.

    I don\'t have access to vallejo paints, except from the internet. So I\'d like to know what to look for before I buy all the blue colours I come across :)

    I\'ll definitely try VMC Fieldblue.

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    Field blue isn\'t very saturated. But, I don\'t think the sentinel you linked to is very saturated either, so I really don\'t see how the mix you mentioned could come out under-saturated. Just add a bit of bright blue to it, in that case.

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    Hello guys, you can make it with gw blue paints: (perhaps not the same result, but similar.)

    Base Coat: ultramarine + a bit of regal blue.

    Lights: base+ ultramarine + ice blue

    Shadows: base + regal blue.

    Here you have a picture of an older project: (with too much ice blue)

    Sorry for my bad English :drunk:

    PS: the works of this guy are really amazing, you can see it at his wip\'s topic at st forum: http://www.spanish-team.com/foro/viewtopic.php?t=9423

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    Just got a message from Emuse.

    It\'s GW Hawk turqouise with a little GW bleached bone :)

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