BILL! Got a bug here.. (anyone else can help too!)
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Thread: BILL! Got a bug here.. (anyone else can help too!)

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    Default BILL! Got a bug here.. (anyone else can help too!)

    Hey Folks,

    Heard this strange clicking sound coming from my yard this evening. After looking very weird standing at the end my steps looking and listening to the grass like some sort of robin, I located the source.

    It was this bug, nose down in the grass - clicking. The head end is on the left side of the first image, it\'s around 1.5\" to 2 \" long and the underside is a speckled black and white. The location is in central Minnesota, USA.

    I wish I had better pics as my cameras batteries died after the first three shots (isn\'t that always the way it is?)

    Any help is appreciated since we spend much time barefoot in our yard!

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    Looks like something called an \"Eyed Elator\"...aka...\"Click Beetle\" :D

    Eyed Elator

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    Thanks much dbiggied! Now we don\'t have to worry about it as it looks like they\'re harmless/benificial.

    Cool bug still.

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    that there is a future gaunt after the apocalypse \":D LOLZ

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    My son\'s been looking for a new paint cheme for his bugs....

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