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    Default Miniatures by Roberto Chaudon

    We are pleased to announce the availability of this new range of fantasy busts and figures, sculpted by Roberto Chaudon.

    Ulama - 200 mm resin bust
    Elf I - 60 mm resin bust
    Elf II - 60mm resin bust
    Ork III - 90mm resin bust
    Pirat - 55mm resin bust
    The Seeker - 70mm resin figure

    Exclusively available in the UK from El Greco Miniatures

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    AAAAMMMMMAAAAZZZZIIINNNNNGG!!!! :D;):cool::cool:;):D:flip:

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    Roberto can surely sculpt! :cool: It is nice to see his personal work available to a wider audience.

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    Default Viking S.X

    This is the latest work by Roberto Chaudon:
    A Viking bust, 10th century
    1:8 scale, resin.

    Available directly from Roberto at:
    or from our website.
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    Coming soon from Roberto Chaudon. This should be available in the coming days (depending on postal services/air freight operations)


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    The sculpts are beautiful... Nice workmanship. I now only need to see how much it is going to cost.

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    Wonderful stuff! So wonderful, that I've asked him to jump on board the good ship JoeK and do one of my figures . Sometimes CMON is such a joy

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    yeah it is nice when one can help out another in this community... Good Luck with the new mini company Joe K and Roberto.

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    Thumbs up

    Love that Krigar sculpt

    If anybody wants to see a few close ups and a report on the viking figure then Planet Figure have done a review
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