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    Default Applying Masking Fluid

    what sort of brush do i use?

    do i use a normal paint brush or an old tattly tooth brush?

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    What sort of precision would you get using a tooth brush?

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    why are you applying it? is it for damage or simple to stop paint overflowing?

    if it\'s damage, i would use sponge, otherwise, buy a low price brush and keep it separate

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    what about sponge ?

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    I\'ve found those Green pan-scrubber things are ace for damage. The fibres make convincing scratches and chips.

    You can get masking fluid pens for accurate application. They are expensive though and I can\'t comment on the effectivness.

    Sponges work well for \'blanket\' coverage.

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    actually hat i had in mind was a small stcik of sponge torn ragged at the end. works like the scourer

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    Originally posted by freakinacage
    actually hat i had in mind was a small stcik of sponge torn ragged at the end. works like the scourer
    What hat?

    It does work well, I\'ve had more sucess with the scubby thingy. It\'s all about the fibres, they make more angular marks.

    But it\'s what ever floats your boat, or recreates your battle damage.

    \'Master flying Rhino\'s armour, with authentic battle damage!\'

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    You can apply masking fluid using any brush. Just wipe the brush through some soap first and that will sto the latex in the masking fluid from screwing up your brush.

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    Default Some tips from a longtime user

    I stopped even trying brushes to apply it almost immediately - just smooth it on with a cocktail stick, sculpting tools etc. With practice you can get very precise applying it with hard tools.

    But because the stuff peels so well if you make a mistake don\'t try to rectify it when the stuff is wet, wait for it to dry and then remove it or tease it back. You can refine edges between zones this way very effectively.

    Generally you can also speed up the drying of these with a hairdryer, but try a small test first - different masking fluid/paint combos might work differently - and don\'t make it too hot.


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