OK, this one\'s a bit different.
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Thread: OK, this one\'s a bit different.

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    Default OK, this one\'s a bit different.

    OK, so I\'ve done the whole \"How do you ship your minis?\" thing. Now, it\'s a bit different. For those of you who\'ve entered a Golden Daemon or similar contest, how do you transport those miniatures? Do you rig up a force-field/anti-grav combo that lets NOTHING touch it? :P

    Seriously, though, how do you go about it, particularly with the larger ones? I, for one, think that I would freak at the mere thought of a bump on the road (or turbulence for those flying in to GD\'s) that may potentially damage the miniature that took dozens of hours to finish.

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    You know the sponge in the blister packs..................:)

    I\'ve seen people wrap and pack small bubble wrap and also cotton wool. But I would not recommend that as bits always get left on the model.

    I usually wedge the based mini in to a toolbox and as the mini has to be on a legal base, hold the base in place on the senic base with Blue Tack.
    I travel down by coach and seem to spend an inordinate amount of time with the case clutched to my chest. (Paranoia..):)

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    It depends on how big the mini is. I have no idea how I\'ll transport this years entry, if I ever get around to painting him in time. :o

    Note to self, packing minis in those tiny polyestyrene balls is NOT a good plan! (that was the year before last). lol

    Foam would be a good plan methinks, like the stuff used for upholstery, and a good sized box.



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    My 2002 Wood Elf Dragon had a base that was wider than the dragon. The dragon was attached with tac. Once I found a box that it fit into, I dropped it in and it was fine. I placed the box into a plastic bag and simply was paranoid like the others have stated. I paid more attention to the placement and protection of that box during my car ride and walk than I did to the friends who were with me. I hope they understand. <shrug>

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    Default When traveling by plane...

    forgo all travel amusements and toiletries you\'d keep in your carry-on, and instead bring your mini case on board so that you can clutch it at all times. However, if you\'re going with a friend (or in my case, a parent) you can shove all you\'re stuff in their carry-on.

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