I\'ve always tried to keep up with the minis, priding myself on having voted on virtually all of them. Over Christmas & New Years, I\'d fallen behind by about 2k, so I decided to spend much of yesterday & today trying to catch up some.

Now, I\'ve frequently heard people say not to pay attention to the scores, because its the comments that really matter. Normally, I\'d agree with this statement, but now I\'m beginning to wonder. Just a sampling of some of the brilliant, informative comments I\'ve read over the last 2 days:

\"No, no! Please make it stop!\"

\"I never give anyone more than a 6 if they use metallic paints.\"

\"Your paint job looks pretty good but your picture\'s too dark\" vote: 2

\"WTF is it???\"

and someone who voted a 6 because it was a plastic mini.

Now really! What is the purpose of these kind of comments? Certainly not to be informative or helpful. The closest one that came to being helpful at all was the comment about the picture being too dark. But to say that the painting looks good and then vote it a 2 ???

I guess the only positive thing I can take out of any of these comments is that the people have openly revealed themselves to be ingorant @$$holes Oh, and one other positive: I\'ve redoubled my efforts to make positive comments on minis.

[big, deep breath] well... [sigh]
Thank you :D I feel much better now.:innocent: