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    Default Guilty

    My most idiotic comment was on Bluntman and Chronic.

    I was mentioning a word \"Doobie Snacks\" that was only said once in their movie \"Jay and Silent Bob strike back\". I admit to having been ridiculed about it by other users, who didn\'t really know what I meant.... I can\'t help it if they are uncultured! :rolleyes:

    It\'s about as intelligent as saying \"Waaaagh!\" about some reaper babe.

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    It\'s about as intelligent as saying \"Waaaagh!\" about some reaper babe.
    It depends on the babe! lol.
    But seriously, there are some mini\'s which are breathtaking (ie good {I\'m pointing a finger at you here, Angela:}) and some which need some encouragement to improve (like mine) If no-one has commented on those then we are doing the posters/artists no favours, and ourselves a dis-service.

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    Originally posted by Dedwrekka
    \"I don\'t agree with what they\'re saying, but I\'ll fight until death to defend their right to say it.\" even though I don\'t know what the heck they\'re drinking when they say it.
    From some of the comments, I would say either paint thinner or Sterno squeezings.

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