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Thread: Rare unreleased Blood Bowl Vampire for sale

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    Default Rare unreleased Blood Bowl Vampire for sale

    Hi all

    In a bit of a cash-flow crisis and am thinking that I would part with my unreleased alternate Blood Bowl Vampire Lord. Well, as long as it\'s for enough money to make it worthwhile.

    Story behind the fig is that I am the sculptor of the Vampire team and this was my original version of the Vampire Lord. GW decided that they wanted more \'footbally\' boots and a helmet so I had to change it. However, they were nice enough to cast my preferred version first so I could have one (they were nice guys for that sort of thing). It\'s a bit of a curiosity that variants are usually a conversion of the released fig but this is the other way around in that the final release was converted from this figure. To the best of my knowledge (and I have been told) my casting is the only one ever cast and this is literally one-of-a-kind. The rights to this version were never bought from me so GW will presumably never release it, and I certainly can\'t as it\'s very much GW\'s IP and much of this figure is in the final version.

    And, here he is...

    I\'m basically taking offers for him. If someone offers me enough that I think it\'s worthwhile I will sell to the highest bidder (or possibly where I think he\'ll have a good home). To be honest, I\'m not sure what the minimum I\'d take is. I\'ll just leave it open to anyone who wants to make an offer. I guess it\'d have to be enough that would make my financial situation noticeably better. And, if nobody bids enough that makes me think it\'s worth selling then I\'ll just keep him (I am rather attached to the little guy). I know I could Ebay him but I\'m not a fan of selling on Ebay, their cut is too large...

    You can make offers by PM. Shipping will be extra. £5 in the UK (Special Delivery) and £8 elsewhere (airsure). Payment by Paypal. I can take a cheque in the UK.

    Steve Buddle

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    Something that has come up in some of the emails regarding this figure...

    The figure is being sold as a collector\'s piece and with no production rights. The figure was converted into GW\'s available Vampire Lord and much of the figure is the same. Reproducing this figure would be infringing on GW\'s copyright and thus I cannot sell it as a figure to be produced.

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    im confused, they are selling this model?

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    No steve is selling this particular origional version of the vampire captain.

    So he sculpted it. GW cast him this version. He is selling this version. GW only made one of this version.

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    wait so, is it the green, or is it a cast in white metal?

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    Its the resin master copy

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    oh thats cool :D

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    Yes, it\'s a resin master copy and the original green was converted into the final version so there isn\'t even a version of this figure as a green anymore. This resin is the only one left.

    I\'m leaving this open for offers for a few hours more but I have had good interest elsewhere and have had offers high enough that it\'s definitely going to go. I don\'t want to mention the amounts as that\'s between myself and the bidders but it\'s going for good money.

    Steve B

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    if i had the money i would buy it in a heartbeat!

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    Well, I have now accepted an offer on the figure and he\'s been sold.

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    I hope you got a good price :)

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    I did very well out of it. Very happy with how it all worked out.

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    congrats :D They are one lucky person

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