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    hey guys

    just posting this to prove i can finish a mini, (even if it is just gaming standard :D )

    here he is:

    sorry for bad pics, he is a comission i spent the last 2 days on.

    what do you think ???

    and how much do you think i should charge for it, i was thinking about a tenner



    edit: voting link http://www.coolminiornot.com/226992

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    If you ask for anything less than £20 I am going to slap you next time I see you!

    Glad you put him up in the end :D

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    Originally posted by alextheartist
    If you ask for anything less than £20 I am going to slap you next time I see you!
    Ditto for £30. ;)

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    i\'d say anywhere between 20 and 30
    good work, dont undersell yourself

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    Don\'t you dare undersell yourself. He looks very, very good. Your client should be pleased. Great work on the colors, by the way, they\'re very well done. Not too much pop where they\'re obnoxious, but not dull at all; just right.


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    I like it a lot Sam, but my concern is how are you doing a commission with the rate not negotiated up front? Is that possible? I think that will lead to a bad experiance sooner rather then later.

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    mini is ace, I would say you would be safe to charge 20-25 just for the painting alone, most charge extra for the basing.
    I would agree with scottradom price has to be fixed before the job is undertaken unless you are fishing for more work off the client in which case you should have him hook, line, sinker, fisherman and a good chunk of the river banklol

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    :o The mini itself cost more than a \"tenner\", and I wouldn\'t sell something this well painted for below cost! Then adding in assembly, mold line cleaning, priming, basic painting, advanced painting, basing.....at least 30+ for this.

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    Would love a recipe on the blue purity seals and also on the paper on the purity seals, looks great!
    Maybe ad some text on the paper on his back :-)?

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    :flip::flip::flip: my first 8 :flip::flip::flip:

    the purity seal was just midnight blue keep adding space wolves grey for the highlights then a final highlight of white.

    the cloth was a basecoat of black and snakebite leather, keep adding bleach bone for the highlights then add white for the final highlight.

    and thanks for the comments guys i sold him for £20


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    Originally posted by .sam.
    :flip::flip::flip: my first 8 :flip::flip::flip:
    Well deserved! Good work.

    Originally posted by .sam.
    and thanks for the comments guys i sold him for £20
    I think you\'ve undersold yourself there, when I do commissions I always agree the price beforehand. I tend to charge by time spent at £10 per hour (I do paint quite quickly).

    I\'d have charged a £30 minimum there, you could have easily got that if you\'d ebayed it!

    But then you have to charge what your conscience demands!

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    I agree, easily should have been £30, army center piece and clearly more than gaming standard. The guy should be quite chuffed, saying that profit is profit when your getting paid for something you enjoy doing hehe

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    Looks great, nice job.

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