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    ive sent 2 emails to them about this.. but no reply as to what should happen if they want their miniature back and they send the real one or not just want some information with whats going to happen with this... i dont know if this is the right place to send this or not just wanted some information... and couldnt find another way to contact them so decided to try the forums thank you

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    try and pm borg

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    It is summer, and he might be away on vacation. So, allow for some response time.

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    ok just out of curiosity has this happened to anyone else and if it has what has the result been might as well get some information

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    Happend to me as well. I received minis missing parts... - no replies on emails...

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    well i aint going away until i get what i paid for i dont care if i have to pester them non stop...borgs on holidays so fair enough ill wait till he back and see if i can get anywhere with him

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    I have received wrong or faulty items a couple of times. Always got the problems fixed with no extra cost or effort on my behalf.

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    i have had a couple of problems in the past, but borg has sorted them out efficiently. could just be a case of bad timing

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    still no response from anyone either via mail or in response to my private msg to borg

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    I received an incorrect paint colour with an order I received a couple of weeks ago (ordered 29th June). I emailed them and got a response within a day saying they\'d send out the correct one and to keep the other one (not worth sending it back).

    That email was 9th July and I got the correct paint in the mail a couple days ago here in Australia. So all good for me. Can\'t help you as to why you\'re getting no response. The email I received was from


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    I\'ve had 2 small issues with my order before. A quick phone call, and a very quick fix =)

    I probably should have emailed first....but I don\'t think it hurts anyone to call.

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    well ill try to directly email him see if i get any further that way hopefully i will heh ya i know im stubborn but need the figure i ordered...

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    I\'ve not received and order before. Sent e-mails and pms to no avail. This was at the beginning of the year, so needless to say never ordering from them again.

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    ok any mods want to chime in and give me an a morsel of information or anything

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    Originally posted by Toronian
    ok any mods want to chime in and give me an a morsel of information or anything
    Moderators have no input or connection to the store except as customers.
    However, I will flag this thread and your issue to Borg\'s attention as sometimes we have had it identified that PM\'s are not always being received.

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    There was something wrong with my mailbox, I just sent you a pm, I will get you sorted, not a problem.

    NGArtStudios, I am not aware of your situation, however, if you would like to pm me, least I can do is get you a refund.

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