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    Has anyone purchased any miniatures from Minipainters? They only have a small range, but I discovered them from a link in a forum.

    I know that the Minipainters site is not active at the moment, although it\'s supposed to be relaunched at some time. But the Minipainters Miniatures site is still up and running selling minis. About a month ago I purchased \"Havard\" and paid using Paypal. Apart from the email from Paypal saying I\'d paid, I received no notification about the order, that it had been received/dispatched etc.

    I\'ve tried emailing them (Stefan Ashwell is the owner of the site) and had no response. According to another website that Stef runs they attended a recent UK Games Expo in June and were selling minis. I can\'t find any contact info on that site however.

    Does anyone know anything about this site or had any dealings with them?

    Thanks for any help. I\'ll take it up with Paypal, but thought I\'d check here as well.


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    I bought a figure from them last year, quite a while ago if you put it into that sort of context but apart from it taking a little while it arrived OK.

    I noticed that you are in Australia so be mindful that the post can take a while to get to you as I believe if memory serves me right they are in the UK.

    What postage method did you pay for?
    if it went airmail then I guess you should get it around now but if it is sent by sea then it can take over a month...

    If you e-mailed him on the site address and got no reply then I would sugest e-mailing on the paypal address and see if that gets a result if not then go ahead and contact Paypal about it.

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    it can take over a month...
    or longer, I once had a parcel take 4 months to arrive from the uk!

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    Thanks for the replies. I don\'t think it\'s a time issue, the web site says worldwide delivery is 4 - 7 days (dispatched within one day) which would be airmail, although it doesn\'t actually say the method. My experience is around 7-9 days from the US or UK by airmail.

    It\'s also the fact I\'ve never received any confirmation of the order. Online shopping sites usually send an email saying the order has been received or dispatched or both.

    I\'ve opened a dispute with Paypal, as I\'ve tried several emails to both email addresses I can find for Stefan.

    I\'d still rather have the mini than my money back though, so hopefully he\'ll respond to Paypal.


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