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    Default Armorcast Billboard Painting Contest

    This contest is for the best painted Armorcast Small Rooftop Billboards.

    * First place $100 in the Armorcast Store
    * Second Place $50 in the Armorcast Store
    * Third Place $25 in the Armorcast Store

    You can enter as many billboards as you like. But you can only win once.
    The Armorcast guys will judge and are therefore ineligible to enter.
    If we have enough really good entries there may be some $10 store credit Honorable Mentions. Entries will be accepted between now and September 30th, 2009. We will announce the winner about a week later.
    Send your .jpg images to Maximum file size will be

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    Default possibly an idiotic question

    I was wondering if scratch-built billboards were acceptable in this contest or do the billboards have to be Armorcast ones ?

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