You have to see this to belive it!!!!
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Thread: You have to see this to belive it!!!!

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    Default You have to see this to belive it!!!!

    I\'ve never seen anyone reproduce a mini paint job so well in my life! You have to see these!!! :o

    Valderynn the Archmage By numbat Submitted: 15th September 2002


    Valderynn The Archmage By Golden Toadstool Submitted: 1st October 2002


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    wow..... i totally dig what he/she did to the sleeves.

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    Default Don\'t worry

    That\'s just the Golden Toadstool. They always post the winners of the competition every month. I dont think it\'s bad at all, they obviously make sure people know that they arn\'t the artist.

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    Actually, apart from a lovely golden mushroom man provided by Reaper, the only real bonus to winning the contest is to have your entry pasted with either the Toadstool icon, or the Fungal Growth award. Everyone who enters understands this.

    Of course, if you read the text, I imagine you will see \"painted by\" somewhere with a link to their site... Exposure and advertising for winning!

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    The guys called Andrew Lum and this is a link to his site,
    Its a great site and has a great gallery,go see for yourself.:P

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    It\'s great work no matter what.

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    Vallan its not like they even claimed it was their own work- they reference the artist and his own words ;) No need for torches or pitchforks- no witch here

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