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    I\'ll be taking a trip in to town on Saturday so will visit a few art shops on the way. Have the cat coming soon but need some brushes now.

    Had a very fustrating night painting the Chariot. Haven\'t touched the brushes in over a year. That\'s what moving house does. The points are constantly splitting, even spittal can\'t keep them straight.I just about have a little corner of the sitting room set up as a painting station. Thanks to a suggestion from my by far better half.

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    Originally posted by Drengi
    The points are constantly splitting, even spittal can\'t keep them straight.
    Try giving them a wash with shampoo and conditioner, might help you get them back in shape.

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    If it wasn\'t for the fact that a set of GW brushes came with their big box set of paint, I wouldn\'t own any of them. I bought a detail brush a few years ago and it wouldn\'t hold a point at all. I sent GW a complaint and never heard anything from them.

    I only use the GW brushes from the paint set for basecoating very large models. Heck, their so called drybrushes split and curled after their first use! Pieces of crap:flame:

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    Originally posted by green stuff
    Message original : Shadzar
    I have still about 200 unused brushes of various sorts
    What is it with you people\'s trend to collect brushes? I thought we were all here to collect minis :P.
    Art store going out of business sells, means you can stock up cheap. I still have 20 minis per brush that needs painting. lol

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    Thanks for the tip Dragonsreach. I\'ll give that ago over the weekend. Will have some explaining to do :)

    Still will buy a few new ones. All I have at the moment is too GW standard brushes. and one small dry brush :) They were fine for the chariot main body but not particular good for the crew.

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    If they are W&N Sable brushes, that would be a good thing.

    Here, I can get Series 7\'s or W&N synthetics (don\'t remember the series), but none of the \'lesser\' sable lines.

    Teaching painting classes, I am always looking for a decent brush that won\'t set a beginner back or that I could loan out without fear of losing an investment. GW may have actaully done some good there - and it is something the students could buy from the store instead of having to trapse across town to the art supply.

    Win-win for me, the students and the game shop.

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    I use W&N S7 for detail and basecoat work, and that likely won\'t change.

    However, I do own a ton of Tank Brushes and love those to death.

    From these new brushes, I picked up the \"large drybrush\" and it\'s quite excellent actually. I\'m using it for a lot of the new Plantestrike terrain.

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    I got some W&N on the weekend. Some from their acrylic range. I don\'t think they were series 7. They were only a few euro each.

    Had a little go with them and i\'m pleased so far. Don\'t know how long they will last though.

    I was also in GW to have alook at their new range. Seem ok I bought the fine detail brush to give it a proper test and it held out fine. Has a good point and kept it though out the session. Colour coding is a good ref too. Though anyone can easly just paint there own brush to same effect. I use to do it on old brushes that I had relegated to drybrushes.

    Man sometimes I hate going into GW. Staff are a little to friendly. I know they are trying to be helpful (and make an extra sale!) and do their job, I need to beable to browse. However just found out the local Hobby store stocks GW stuff and at a lower price than their\'s so all good.

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    Originally posted by Shadzar
    Just getting about as annoying as all the paints being made by the same company only having the labels on them say Citadel Colour, Vallejo, Reaper, etc.
    Reaper paints begin with a base that they purchase from a major paint manufacturer, but then is blended with pigments, flow improver, etc. on site at the Reaper facility. Anne Forster, the creator and mixer of the paint line, is happy to answer any questions about it over on Reaper\'s site, and has been responsive to consumer feedback, having changed some of the initial formulations based on feedback.

    I can understand some of your arguments against rebranding, but at the same time it seems pretty far down the list of corporate evils to me. Almost all store brands are made by specialist companies and rebranded to the store. Target and Walmart don\'t also own dozens of factories making all different kinds of clothes and food and whatever else. They contract with manufacturers that specialize in what they need and have it made for them and slap their labels on.

    In the case of GW and W&N, I could see mutual benefit. I\'m guessing a large percentage of GW\'s customers have never heard of W&N and it wouldn\'t occur to them to go to an art store to buy brushes. By manufacturing brushes for GW, W&N reaches that market without having to pay for any advertising or go out of their way.

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    I haven\'t had a chance to check out the new brushes though I\'m keen to do a side-by-side comparison with the rosemary and co brushes to determine my brushmaker of the next decade ;)

    Is it the Series 33 that is comparable to W&N Series 7?

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    Default brushed off

    they are exactly the same as the other ones,just new paint plus you can make you own stipple brush for next to nothing.....

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    Originally posted by Shadzar
    Originally posted by Einion
    Originally posted by Shadzar
    If GW is having someone else make the brush, then they are taking credit for it. No acknowledgment to the company that makes them...
    While I think you made a good point about rebadging you\'ve gone a bit far when you use words like \"taking credit\" and worse yet, \"steal\".
    Well relabeling it is like stealing the credit. I don\'t know a better term for it.

    With green stuff as the example, many people I speak to in person, think they are actually different products, even though all green stuff is made by the same company.

    It is just annoying. The company still makes its money, but only they can provide the data sheets for the chemicals in case of accidents. I thought that was a law that the actual manufacturer had to be on the label.

    Not as much a problem with the brushes, but still, not all the GW blue brushes are worth using.

    I haven\'t seen them make a 50/0, and should I want one of the black handled ones that is 50/0, then how do I know what company actually made them with only the GW label.

    Its just an annoyance I have had for a long time, and these new brushes brought it to the top along with a few things from the grocery store, and other things with varying labels that are the same darn thing, just different company names on them.

    Does it have to have GW stamped on it to be sold by them, or for them to advertise for it?

    Most places do outsource, but with books you get the publisher and printing house both listed if not the same. Why cannot GW do it with their products as well? ???

    That\'s the beauty of out sourcing. No one is stealing anything. The company who is producing the product, produces it strictly for the purpose of them out sourcing it to other companies. This has a mutual benefit to both parties so no one is being robbed of anything.

    For instance I will use your green stuff example. The company that actually produces the green stuff chooses to only out source to other companies rather than market and sell it themselves. Why? Because it is much cheaper and easier that way. That company doesn\'t have to worry about marketing the product, distributing the product (at least not in a retail sense) and then of course retailing it. It is much cheaper and easier and as you said they still make their money. Also the fact that that company most likely holds the patent for green stuff, no other company is able to or knows how to produce it. This in turn forces the companies that want to retail the product to go to the original producer, but it also has benefits for the companies wanting to retail it. For instance in GW\'s case, they don\'t have to worry about production/labor costs to actually make the product which makes it a lot easier for them. They also get the chance to slap their own label on the product which in turn means that they get to charge what people are willing to pay for a \"GW product.\"

    Without out sourcing, GW and other big companies would not be able to make as much profit off of the things they sell as they do, and if they were able to make as much, that would mean the product would be much more expensive. The out sourcing companies that make the product sell it to retailers/distributors all over the world, enabling them to sell it cheaper, compared to what it would cost for a company like GW to produce it in smaller quantities for their own purpose.

    As far as \"not giving them the credit,\" well, unfortunately as far as something like this goes, I doubt that any of these out sourcing companies are concerned about getting the credit for producing the good, or else well, they wouldn\'t be in that business to begin with. All that really matters is that they make the money and have the patents to hold on to the rights of the product, and of course a good lawyer or two just in case the right to that product is challenged. :)

    Anyhow, getting back on topic of the brushes, I have not tried the new GW ones yet, but if they are anything like anything else that GW sells quality wise, I\'ll pass. :beer:

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    So far I\'ve only used the Basecoat brush, and while its not as good as the Masters on I own it is still a decent brush and better than the old ones.

    Part of the appeal for me and plenty of other people is the convenience of just popping down to the local store and getting them.


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    Used a new black handled \"standard\" a few times over the last couple of weeks. Perfectly reasonable, nothing to get giddy about. I\'m commenting at all to point out that the black paint on the handle feels far nicer than the old glossy blue, it\'s got more of a satin effect to it. May sound silly but it\'s a lot more pleasant to hold :) B.

    PS can somebody explain the new GW water pot to me? I\'ve asked in store twice & received a shrug from staff (& the impression that they\'ve failed to shift even a single unit). It doesn\'t seal so is no use as a \"field\" water pot. If you use it to store brushes you can\'t use it as a water pot. If you take the lid off it won\'t hold brushes & you have a water pot smaller than an old jam jar. What am I missing? I feel like a bit of an idiot for not being able to see anyone would buy it.

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    Originally posted by BPI
    What am I missing? I feel like a bit of an idiot for not being able to see anyone would buy it.
    Why? It\'s just common GW practice... make profit on overpriced stuff that you can get cheaper elsewhere (or don\'t need at all). I\'m sure they can shift some to stressed parents out to get a complete hobby kit for their kids. They probably don\'t have to sell many to make a profit.... can\'t see those things costing a lot to produce.

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    Hi Ritual, why? I try to fight against cynisism being my default mode :D Also, I just find it gobsmacking that the design team could come up with a protoype & all think it\'s cool, stick \'em on the \'Eavy Metal teams desks for a month & presumably receive positive feedback that says \"Hell yes, get these into production ASAP, I don\'t know how I ever painted without one\". GW manufactures umpty thousand of them & distributes to stores worldwide. And then what, every one has my blank reaction to it? Surely aiming a product at the uninformed gift-buyer is a risky strategy? I just thought there MUST be some element to it that I\'m missing. I\'m used to finding GW product pricing a little random & steep but this item falls into a whole new category of WTF? :beer: B.

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    I actually picked up a water pot *Holds head in shame* and they are frigging useless. I bought it because I assumed (and was actually told by GW staff) that you could rest the bristles in the water. Which would come in handy as I\'m always getting disturbed when painting and would save me having to wash the bristles out properly, before I get back to painting.

    Trouble is you can\'t, because the pot is too shallow. I left a brush in the holder with bristles in the water first time I used it, came back and it was at a 90 degree angle, as it had been sat on the point at the bottom of the pot. You can\'t even effectively get the paint off your brushes as the \'brush holders\' make the hole too narrow so you can barely move the brush about to get the paint off.

    A complete waste of time, I went straight back to my old jamjar

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