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    Hey everyone,

    I am working on this mini and I wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions for the skin. I feel like it is missing something but I cannot figure out what it is... ???

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    that is looking brilliant :beer:

    nice to see something new from you


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    I think it would look better if you would paint all the skin blue and relegate the reddish parts to the nose, lips, eye area, elbows and knees, et cetera, and make the belly area much lighter, almost a khaki color, a la this.

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    I think if you continue the route of the face, red in the recesses and crevices, then continue to lighten up the musculature with the blue ish colour.

    I like the dark red though on the face

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    sorry thought it was \"the gronk\" of 2000ad fame. skin looks ok though

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    Well I gave the mini a bath in simple green. I hated the way it was turning out... :flame: Mini painting just keeps getting more and more frustrating.

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    :( Crap I was too late. Was gonna ask what a gronk was, then just suggest a few random things.

    Still wondering what/who a Gronk is.

    The face was great. Sad you washed it all away. :(

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    shadzar, the gronk was a 5 foot tall fury christmas tree with a big nose two weak hearts and a large mouth with teeth in its tummy, and wavey tentacle arms, strontium dogs 2000ad

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    or he is the mini above, sculpted by seb archer, sold by guild of harmony

    he looked superb, can;t believe you gave up on him. tw*t!

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    well, the simple green is a simple solution to your problem...
    of course, you could have just put him aside, and let your mind work things out in it\'s own time...

    i find when i put something aside, i rarely come back to finish the job...
    starting over seems a better approach...

    this should be fun, bro...
    just be glad that you are not payin\' the bills with each mini you paint...
    that\'s stress...


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    If you\'re not happy with it, you\'re not happy.

    Its a shame though, I liked it.

    What I was going to say is, paint the rest of it in very dark dirty colours. It would create a tonal differential and that would lift the whole piece.

    But it\'s too late now...

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    I am glad that I am not making a living at this too lol Although commission works always turn out great... it is when I paint for myself that all hell breaks loose.

    Seems like my biggest issues with painting are getting my shades to coat evenly and getting my highlights to blend properly.

    I recently bought the painting DVD from figurines-tv. It features JBT and Thomas David and the minis they paint look excellent and they paint them in about 30 minutes (with top notch editing I imagine). Anyways when I try to practice what I learned the results never come out right.

    With gronk I tried using matte medium to help make the paint more transparent but as you can see from the pictures the highlighting looks flat and lifeless. If I decide to revisit this mini (not likely) I will definitely use a darker basecoat since I think that the basecoat and the highlight color were too similar in value.

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    I wonder how automaton would have suggested painting it

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    Originally posted by cassar
    sorry thought it was \"the gronk\" of 2000ad fame. skin looks ok though
    I thought that too :D

    I agree with Donga, I liked it too, shame you stripped it

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