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    Hey gang,

    So, I\'m working on my ork army for 40k (nothing worth showing off here), and I\'m
    looking for a spray-paint/primer that mimics GW\'s Boltgun Metal color, but gives a smooth matte finish. I want to do a light dusting over the Ork Trukk\'s
    undercarriage and rollcage to get that weathered look. I could certainly dry
    brush, but doing a light coating with a spray can would speed things up
    exponentially since I\'m looking at doing multiple trukks. The problem I\'m faced
    with is this, most spray paints that are metalic seem to be chunky or very
    glossy. I\'m going to do a lot of painting on top of the light metalic coat, so
    any significant additional texture or gloss coating will really mess with what I
    want to do from that point on.

    Any suggestions?

    Pez Out.

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    Hrm. Well I can\'t suggest any flat metal spray paints. Don\'t know that I\'ve ever seen any.

    What you could do though, is just use some glossy metallic stuff, then spray the same area with some clear coat afterwards. A flat or satin would leave a decent painting texture for you to work on. You could use the cheap stuff from the craft/art shops, it will be a bit shinier than testors dullcote of course, but you can dull it down after you\'re done painting everything if you want to, a bit of shine on metallics is ok too.

    If you\'re going to use more than a couple cans for this, you could also get a cheap airbrush and blow some flatter brush on metallic paint that you probably already own.


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    Thanks, I should have said this earlier, but I was hoping to avoid buying and air brush.

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    Gray primers I can recommend.


    Rustoleum spray at the hardware store. Followed by a coat of DulCoat to flaten it down and give the following layers some \'tooth\' to stick to.

    Krylon may have an alternate, but I don\'t think they have the metalics that Rustoleum does.

    Another option might be to primer black and use some metalic powders to bring it back to metalic. (or even some drybrush work.) Again follow with a coat of DulCoat to set it.

    Check Model Master paints - they used to have a huge line of metalics. I don\'t think they have what you are looking for in a spray can though - either a paint-on or a \'ready to airbrush\' (you can brush-paint them too, just takes more coats).

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    have you looked at the Plasticote range? Usually available in most DIY places

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    You could always pick up the Citadel spray gun. With a full army needing to be sprayed I think the price could be justified. It\'s like $25 or something I think, and cans of propellant are $8 if I recall correctly.

    I\'ve found that when you run metallics through it they turn out very similar to the old spray, sort of \"flat\" like you described. Some thinned Boltgun Metal paint and you\'ll have a close match.


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    Thanks for all the feedback gang. I\'m still looking for the \'right\' item. I might have to jsut break down and get a cheap air brush.

    Any other suggestions?

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    Originally posted by pez5767
    I might have to jsut break down and get a cheap air brush.?
    There are a few threads from not too long back with extensive info on airbrush and compressor choices if you want to go down that road.


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