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    Default Glue for basing?

    What glue do you guys use when adding static grass to your bases?

    PVA, watered down PVA or superglue? Does anybody add an extra coat onto the grass to seal it?

    Just experimenting and having mixed results, so thought I\'d see how others go about it

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    PVA usually does the trick for me. Once the static grass is applied, I turn the mini upsidedown and softly blow on the static grass to get the excess out and to get the fibers up.

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    I use superglue basically. I can\'t really get the stuff \"flowing\" in one direction no matter what I do, so getting it to stick and stay put quicker is what I do.

    PVA supposedly, then let sit overnight to dry, and dump off the excess and you are suppose to be able to get it all to line up from what I understand, but it never worked for me.

    I would just suggest as a reminder to make sure you don\'t get glue up on the figure or you will have something like my Tau Chia Suit. lol

    Another reason I use superglue so I can make sure it sticks fast and keep adding little bits here and there without getting it on the figure.

    But that is just me.

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    PVA for basing with things like sand, flock, gravel, grass
    for big stuff I use superglue

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    Hey thanks for making this post. I\'m having the same issue. I have an army of orks 60+ needing those little static grass accents. The base has been painted and is finished except for the static grass \'clumps\'.

    I would like to get the kinds of results shown in White Dwarf, but the static grass on my basses doesn\'t seem to clump or stand up like theirs does. I can\'t seem to find a good tutorial anywhere either.

    Anyone out there know of the right kind of glue and technique to get that \'Eavy Metal effect or a good tutorial?


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    i tend to use pva or superglue. superglue is handy for tufts as you can pinch it in you hand and hold it in the glue so that it dries sticking up.

    actually come to think of it, i haven\'t used pva for a while for that. i add the grass before i varnish anyway

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    Regular PVA/Carpenter\'s Glue should work fine.

    To make it stick up, once the static grass is applied to the base and before the glue has a chance to dry, take a moist brush and brush the grass in whichever direction you want it pointing. You may have to repeat the process a couple of times while the glue dries to get good results.

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    put the PVA(slightly thinned) where you want the grass
    add the grass and tap off the excess
    now give a short sharp blow across the top of the base, that should make static grass stand up

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    Thanks for all the replies so far, looks like I have a few techniques to try out :)

    The other bit I\'m stuck with is varnishing when grass is on the base. I sometimes get a \"morning dew\" effect with blobs of varnish forming amongst the grass, any ideas how to stop that?

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    You could attach the mini to the base after varnishing it.

    Testors Dullcote, shouldn\'t give that dewdrop effect.

    There is a brush on version of it if you need some to touch up problem grasses.

    Otherwise if not able to do those, then add any grasses last after sealing it.

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    I think you may also just be spraying a bit too much varnish. Try a couple of thinner coats.

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    if you want static grass to stand up leave the figure on a TV after you have applied the grass works a treat.

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    If you only want to add tufts of static grass to a base rather than cover the whole of the base then Silfor do a great range of them that you just pull off a sheet and stick them on. I use them quite a bit. Here\'s an example :-


    Otherwise neat PVA usually does the trick

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    Originally posted by exilesjjb
    if you want static grass to stand up leave the figure on a TV after you have applied the grass works a treat.
    Is this for real?

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    Originally posted by pez5767
    Originally posted by exilesjjb
    if you want static grass to stand up leave the figure on a TV after you have applied the grass works a treat.
    Is this for real?
    Don\'t see why not.
    Years ago I did read an article (Mike McVey I think) who said to rub a cloth to generate a static field in order to get the Static Grass to stand up. Kinda like getting the hair on your arm to stand up.

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