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    How do you paint a quite small, accurate circle?

    I want to do a design painted on sand on a base. How can i get the circle accurate?

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    Or you could paint around something circular.

    Like how you draw a circle for things using a food can.

    Find something as small as the circle you want, and trace around it.

    Micron pens come in handy here, if you cannot get a line thin enough of paint.

    If you are not wanting a hollow circle, but a can dip a pin tip (like paper clip) in paint and touch it to imprint the circle/dot.

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    You could use a crayon or a colored Pencil as well that would give you a wide range of Colors to choose from.

    May the juice be with you :drunk:

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    when creating the sand base get a small round circular object (pen top for example) and press it into the base before the putty or glue sets.

    one simple circle that will be easy to paint.

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    If you have any of the plastic protectors they use to cap paint brushes for shipping, you could use those to press into the base too. You could even experiment with dipping them in paint then using them as a sort of stamp, but if it works at all I\'m not sure it would work on something with a lot of texture like sand. Either way you\'d probably need to to some touch up with a brush, but at least you\'d have the guideline of the circle to work with.

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    start out very small with the paint very thinned out with water (so its a very faint application of color)...expand the circle out as needed...once the desired size is reached...apply a slightly thicker coat of paint until desired opacity of color is reached

    it take a little practice...but once you get the hang of gets pretty simple

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