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    Default Got mine from Killian

    Arrived today, Thursday.
    Some nice stuff.
    I\'ll post with pics later.


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    Sorry about this guys and gals. Life\'s been complex lately (demotion at work, new position, return to shift work, flooded basement, botched basement repair, PC issues, wife\'s pregnant again, and probably about 80 things I\'m forgetting) and I haven\'t been on cmon in like a month and totally forgot about this Mini Exchange.

    Alex\'s stuff showed up today and I was like like \"oh shite, mini exchange!\"

    Have a PM from Anatora but it says I can\'t read it \"Error, this e-mail does not belong to you or no longer exists\" so had to send a PM requesting an address again. When I get it I will send out a package ASAP. Very sorry for the delay.

    Regarding Alex\'s package, some really cool stuff, a nice mix. Some type of 40K scenery bit that kind of reminds me of the wall of sound from Lost. Two gaunts. A bloodletter. A Plague Bearer. A guardsman. A wood Elf (wardancer I think) and a larger scale military dude sho looks like he should be sitting on a tank.

    Thanks Alex!

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    Originally posted by Valloa
    Got my package from cfwheeler58 and wow he sent some nice goodies! I\'ll post pictures this weekend after I wrestle my camera into working.
    Yay I finally got a usable picture! cfwheeler58 certainly knows what I like to paint. He sent me a lovely Rackham confrontation figure, a Reaper Lysette, a Reaper Ardynn, Reaper Arnise (and the Reapers are Klocke sculpts to boot whoohoo!!), a Spyglass Shae, Spyglass Succubus, Spyglass Sirene and a large Reaper Sophie.

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    Glad you like them, BarstoolProphet - you can never use enough tape, that’s my motto :D

    The witch on a broom is by Westwind (story book hags, I think)
    The partially buried broken pillar is from GW‘s LOTR (not sure which version,but I seem to have stacks of them, despite despising the LOTR range)
    & I honestly can’t remember were the 40mm sci-fi base came from (maybe Fenris)
    And the Wispa bar, well …

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    I finally put NGArt\'s package in the mail, today. Luckily, he\'s not too far away, so it should be there before the week is out.
    I hope I put enough stamps on it.

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    I\'ve been lazy... but finally got around to snapping a pic of what I got. I can\'t identify most of these figs, but there are some cool ones in the bunch:

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    Scott Radom (no N )
    is a mini god (pun intended) among mini men (and women)
    i got the shipment today
    and boy im in love
    i have a GW dwarf lord
    2nd a
    tale of war spartan guard (of course THIS IS SPARTA!)
    grindhouse games Bomberzombies (looks like water mine stuck in a zombie)
    4th wyrd mini perdita ortega (packing some serious harware :wow: )
    thanks a mazillion scott
    i love them all itll be nice to paint something thats not for a sec
    ill have to post pics in a sec ( trying to set up the photo booth with a new born can be a bit slow.

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    Sigh im still waiting, :flip:

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    Now, why are you trying to set a photo booth with a newborn? I must say that sounds a bit macabre... lol

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    Received Bullitt\'s lovely package of fun today! He very kindly didnt wait for my \'flag\' to vanish - Hopefully is an indication that yours is getting close Bignastyshark, since they had the same distance to travel!

    According to the very helpful note ;) here we have a Juggernaut of Khorne (my favourite - top left), Space Wolf Chaplain (bottom left), some epic scale 40k Eldar Tanks, what I think is another Eldar on a sprue and best of all the *gubbins!* and Choc & Lime Sweeties (Which, as an Ozzy ex-Brit living in a houseful of ex-Brits.. well its kinder to say they didnt last long)

    Thanks very much Bullitt! A fantastic selection of things I never would have chosen for myself - Have never painted a space marine type fella or any kind of tank, but very excited to have a go :D

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    Originally posted by Chrome
    Now, why are you trying to set a photo booth with a newborn? I must say that sounds a bit macabre... lol
    yeah soooo didnt work
    i havent learned that a celliecamera pic would be fine and just go with that. although did find out that my 1st digicamera is probably dead now. bummer i will try and get a pic. just wish i didnt have to wait till everyone was

    double HA HA
    got the pic
    still took waaaaay longer than it should have (stupid new photobucket loading crap)

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    I am not sure if my husband, Wingz, has posted yet. But I did send out his miniexchange package a few days a go. I know it went to Canada, but I don\'t remember to who.

    He had to have emergency surgery so I am just trying to keep his things updated and current. If there is anything else I need to do please let me know.

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    Originally posted by WingZ

    He had to have emergency surgery
    Whoa.. Let us know how he is.
    Hopefully it\'s not going to take too long to recover.
    Send him our best wishes.

    Oh and We always demand Pictures of scars etc..........Unless it\'s not Child/work friendly.

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    Everyone is chilled out here so I\'m sure the recipient will understand :D

    I got from the loverly Maya (Valloh) (she wrote what they were on the blister this time, I had no idea last time lol)

    Reaper Ltd 2008 Tabitha and friends

    Ral Partha Imports, Stephen (I always though rp were nasty old sculpts but this one is great!)

    Elmore Masterworks guy with sword

    Elmore masterworks shaman

    A crunch waffle guy with a double ended axe

    Two crunch waffle barbarian red indian type guys sculpted by Gael Gourmon

    Muchos Gracias for the minis, they are loverly! Pics later today or tomorrow!

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    Thank you for your kind words. He is stable right now. But he is being kept in a medical coma since he is on a ventilator. His doctor hopes to take him off the ventilator and wake him up in a few days. He did ask the surgeon to take pictures during the surgery. She did so I am sure he will be happy to share when he returns.

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    Got my stuff from starchaser a couple of days ago :D I\'ll post some pics when I have the time :)

    I got three mercenary war orcs from Foundry Adventures. There awesome and will recieve a classic Orc paintjob once I hve the time :) Then I got a plastic knight or something like that, and a weird looking sci-fi robot thing lol

    Thanks a lot starchaser :D

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    Way hay! What a haul - thanks a million Ann

    Two Crunch Waffle - Ranger with War club
    Angel’s advocate

    Two Elmore Masterworks - both Taan’s

    Ral Partha Torquemada, the Chaos Conqueror

    Ral Partha Rogue (Halfling)

    ReaperCon 2008 Bomber Sophie!!!

    Very nice :yes:

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    You are welcome, Vern. I hope some of these are ones you might not have and would enjoy painting.


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    COG - What is the figure in the top left of your photo, any idea?

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    This looks a great idea and id love to join in with the next one.

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