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    I am pretty proud of this guy, I tried a lot of new stuff on this one. I tried (emphasis on TRIED) following some of the tips from Automaton\'s metal article and with a sample mini from GenerulPoleaxe in the other I think my metals were improved on this fig. Thanks to all for the crit\'s, I am very happy to hear all of them. Had a hoot with this guy!

    Votey for those so inclined....


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    I actually think this is one of if not the best one of yours so far Scott. The metals came out exceptionally well as did the skin. Great use of subtle colors for the pants and hood. I think the base could have been a bit more fancy but overall a solid job amigo. 8 from me.

    Please do share if you don\'t mind how you went about doing those metallics. Sure I can look for Automation\'s article but I, just like Vike am American and way too lazy to do that. :)

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    Belly hair! :beer:

    Claws on the figure are a bit clumsy. It\'d be a far nicer mini if they were snipped and replaced with thinner blades.

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    Hey, thanks guys!

    NGArt - There\'s no substitute for reading the article by the man himself. What I tried to do was use a thin glaze of each of these colors applied twice. I used too much on the brush and it came out almost as a wash, so I would use much less if I tried it again. It took less work then it sounds, but here goes.....

    -Base of Vallejo Model Air color Gun Metal
    -2 layers thinned VGC Liche Purple
    -2 Layers thinned VMC Dark Prussian Blue
    -2 Layers thinned VGC Dark flesh
    -2 Layers thinned P3 Bloodstone
    -2 Layers thinned Green Ochre/black (1:1)
    -Gun metal reapplied blending to where the highlights go
    -Steel done the same
    -Chrome odne the same
    -Metal Medium with a dash of white in the extreme highkight places. This doesn\'t show up in the photo\'s at all but looks better IRL.

    This was a clumsly bastardized way of what Automaton illustrates in his article, and it\'s worth reading (it\'s in the articles section under techniques).

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    He turned out fantastic Scott!

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    This is one of your better minis, Scott. You can tell you\'ve been a bit more thorough with this one, than some of your recent minis. I have a suspicion that your camera or the way you\'ve lit the mini washes some of the colours out of it, though. I know you\'ve used black red in the shadows of the skin, but somehow the shadows look very brown in most places.

    I\'m not sure if it\'s an effect of the photography, but the highlights of the skin seem a bit lacking. Based on these pics, you can go much further with them.

    The metallics look great. This is definitely the best metallics I\'ve seen you do.

    For some reason, my eyes are drawn to the turquiose/teal belt. I like that colour, and I think it was a great idea to use the belt to bring a dash of colour to the mini.

    Great work, Scott! Now, continue to spend more time on your miniatures. This is the sort of progress you make when you\'re being thorough.

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    I really like this, especially the flesh, I don\'t know how to describe it really, but it looks so \"fleshy\":) And the metalics are an improvement for you too, good job.


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    Great work! The metallics look very nice :D I also like the hairy belly. Definitely one of your best works. Keep it up!

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    Originally posted by Ritual

    I\'m not sure if it\'s an effect of the photography, but the highlights of the skin seem a bit lacking. Based on these pics, you can go much further with them.
    Aye agreed. good work though fella

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    Very nice Scott, one of your best yet!

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    Definately great work on the metallics! You\'ve well and truly got the idea and concept from the article: there is good shading on the metal claws, good definition, and a good range between light and dark. That is the important thing! So well done :)

    I think I agree with Anders that the flesh could use a little more light. Just to make it come alive a bit more. I also agree with Anders about the turquoise - great idea to bring in a dash of colour like that, but maybe you could have had a bit of stronger colour around his face or head also, to bring the focus up to this part of the figure.

    Solid painting, good work Scott!

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    It\'s really good Scott. I\'m amazed at how quickly you seem to be improving with each and every mini you do. He\'s a very strange figure though - not too keen on the sculpt, but the paint-work is great.

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    Super cool! Thanks for the compliments, and I agree about the color on the belt. I kind of did it on a whim, I am trying to do things I would never do usually and the dust on the paint bottle I used encouraged me to give the turquoise a try. I will defo be bolder in color choices in the future, and I think if I had used that color on the mask it really would have glued the eyes to the mini\'s face when people look at it.

    Ritual - you bet about the flesh. It\'s a scary thing to get a model to where you\'re happy, then keep going. I gotta work past that and push my highlights stonger. Thanks for all the continued help.

    Jeff/Dragon Forge - Bet you recognize the base!

    Automaton - Thanks for the extremely encouraging words. No better compliment I could have thought to recieve then to get one from the guy I was ripping off.

    It was super helpful that I had a good source to look at, which was a mini GenerulPoleaxe painted for me with oodles of color in the metal. Thanks again Chris!

    So very encouraging, gotta spend more time painting a mini and improve on what I learned on this feller. Thanks everyone!

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