W: X Box 360 H: WHFB&40k (including Ork Racing Nob)
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Thread: W: X Box 360 H: WHFB&40k (including Ork Racing Nob)

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    Default W: X Box 360 H: WHFB&40k (including Ork Racing Nob)

    Hello Everyone! I am interested in aquiring an X Box 360.

    For 40k I have some space marines, some orks, some tau and the very rare Gorkamorka Racing Nob.

    For fantasy i have some dwarves, OOP 1990s Metal Goblins, and a little bit of Vampire counts.

    Please PM me with any offers. Thanks!

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    Some pictures or a detailed list of what you have would help you tremendously here,

    Intereseted in the gorkamorka biker do you have a piccie?


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    good luck

    i dont know about other people but i certainly wouldnt trade my xbox for minis

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    i agree with sam, your best bet it to try and shift the minis for £$£$£ and then buy an xbox with the money you make

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    I agree. I just feel better if i trade for things rather than pay my money. Im a weird person :)

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