Chrispy scares me.
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Thread: Chrispy scares me.

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    Default Chrispy scares me.

    This is in reference to the comic \"Doomed & Doomer\".

    How does Chrispy know about the Bookshelf (tm)? The bottom shelf is storage, the 2nd shelf is assorted D&D books from 1st ed to 3.5 ed, the 3rd shelf is dediated to both the WEG Star Wars game and WotC\'s version, the 4th shelf currently has 20 half-painted bugbears, a gargoyle bookend, and about 3 years of Dragon/Dungeon magazine, and the top shelf is assorted RPG material not yet listed.

    I also got my first D&D geek article posted:

    It uses the D&D Miniatures -- which most of you (as miniature painters) won\'t be as interested in due to them being prepainted, but the D&D stat cards that come with them are pretty sweet.

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    Default Congratulations...

    ...on getting the article published. Way to go!!!

    As for Chrispy and his sources of information, you haven\'t noticed any previously unseen puppets laying around in odd spots or dwarves peering in the windows, have you ???lol???

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    Blame it on the NSA, not NSA

    Confusing, yes?lol

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