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    Default Eowyn comment

    Id like to know what people think about this comment.Im about ready to throw in the towel posting.

    Rating: 4
    i enjoy the sculpt but ahhhh. the nose looks kinda flat. and the underportion of the nose looks kinda like a beard. it looks like she is wearing eyeliner, did they make that back in the day? i do like the metallics but the...i think its leather...needs a little work. the sword looks a little plain, the green undergarments needs some MAJOR highlighting. as does the cloak, try adding some white to the green, the arm holding the sword looks unnatural. and it looks like she has decided to wear a glove. but topping it all off the gloss finish makes the whole thing so...realistic. Cheers

    from OrForAwesome17

    Now I dont mind people telling me what does or doesnt work but to be honest if this person talked like that to me in person they would get a fat lip.
    I would really like to know what u think and if the person in question is reading this then please post a reply,constructively.

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    Default AAAAAARGH!!!!!

    I don\'t blame you for being upset. This is the kind of thing I was grumbling about in the \"commentary on comments\" thread. If you have constructive criticism, that\'s fine, but to post it in a condescending, cruel, or just plain stupid way is uncalled for. At that point, it\'s no longer \"constructive\" criticism.

    Personally, I thought this was a very good figure. I gave you either a 7 or 8. Can\'t remember right now. I love the hair. Excellent blonde - which isn\'t easy to achieve. THe metals are handled skillfully. Teh \"green undergarment\" does NOT need major highlighting. Such things weren\'t made of silk or fancy fabric. They were made of rough, rugged types of cloth that would withstand a beating and generally did not have a sheen to them. I think it looks very realistic just the way it is. And the basing is excellent.

    I guess all I can suggest, Klute my friend, is write this person off as a jackass :mad: YOu ever notice that it\'s almost always people who are hiding behind the near-anonymity of the net that leave these kind of comments? It\'s not folks who frequent the forums and therefore might have to stand up to defend their opinions in front of others. Or it\'s people who don\'t have anything posted of their own. (Alright, I don\'t have anything posted of my own either, but then again I\'ve never shied away from defending my opinions either and don\'t believe in cruelty as a means of feeling powerful.)

    Klute, write this guy off for what he is: a little wimp who can only feel worthwhile by insulting others.

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    Got to agree with Dauber somewhat here. Yup, the guy who posted was a jackass. Yup the way he posted his critique was a bit juvenile. He does raise one vailid point about the figure though - the way you have the face highlighted does make it appear (in the picture at least) as if she has 5 o\'clock shadow. Other than that, I give her a 7-7.5.

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    I think it\'s constructive, and I agree with most of his points, actually, including the need for more highlighting. I also think it\'s written in a less-than polite manner. Furthermore, I think (yeah, I think a lot) that some of the criticism should be aimed at the sculptor and not you, the painter, like the part about the arm looking awkward. Finally, I think that a 4 is a completely uneducated rating, which may be partially explained by his lack of practice in the hobby (which I infer from his not having posted minis).

    About the guy, well, maybe it\'s his particular brand of humor, which doesn\'t lend itself well to the relatively expressionless means of communication we\'re using. Would smileys have made it better ? Of course, maybe he\'s just what dauber described :rolleyes:.

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    I interpret the facial highlighting as \"goggle-face\" from wearing that style of helmet while riding long distances. The exposed part of the face gets dirty, but around the eyes does not, leading to a reverse-raccoon-eyes look. Though it may not be intentional, it suggests that to me. It doesn\'t look like stubble at all (way too high up the face).

    I agree that the comment is condescending, and the 4 rating is preposterous. I might give it a 6-6.5 tops, only because the cloak and jerkin could use some stronger highlights. But a 4 it ain\'t!

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    I left acomment on her for you. You know my feelings already. I do not think she is your best work, so I rated her with a 6, but WAIT! As in my comment I posted, with very little work, she would be a 7 or higher. I just can\'t give the points without the fix ups. As for his comment, it is purile IMO. I called him a name which is bad, but a 4 is uncalled for....

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    Well hes already written off and the vote wont matter any way.Personally I agree with all of you.I know the painting is not perfect and the highlighting etc is more on the natural effect which I purposefully do on the Lotr minis as they are realistic sculpts.I see the 5 oclock shadow know.I seem to remember there was a flaw in the left hand cheek,not that im using that to get out of it.
    Im just p*ssed that someone at this site has done this but if u check out his and my comment on the water base article it might explain a little.
    Im realy glad this kind of comment is in the vast minority on this site as I find most users are very friendly,polite and honest without being nasty.

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    goggle face

    oh and thanx Glynn,I think most of my minis could gain a point with minimal attention.imo

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    I left a commment on the mini and my main point of criticism was that the metallics look a bit thick. Since metallics are not your best friend to photograpgh it may be the picture. Also the cloak could use some stronger highlights. I rated the mini a 6, but with minimal effort (highlights on the cloak) the mini would easily be a 7 in my opinion.

    I understand that you are upset, but try to calm down and don\'t let this get to you. It is not worth the effort ;) The mini is definitely better than a 4.

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    Thanx guys.Im not upset now.I agree mostly with all the critacism aimed at this mini and all my others its just that Ive that many laid around to do I hardly ever go back over them.
    Any way the case is officially closed.

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    Default Eowyn

    Hi, I haven\'t posted anything yet because I haven\'t go t a camera but I probably would have given your mini an 8. You can tell that it\'s quite good. The paint is applied smoothly and you have paid close attention to the highlights. I think others would see that it\'s an 8 or higher if the photo were better. But you can tell that you are a careful painter and take your time. The cloak probably looks brighter IRL. Good job. :)

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    I agree with the sentiment of the others here ... clearly this mini is not a 4, but as others have said it could use a little work. you did a great job on the eyes!

    On a related topic ... honestly, from every job i\'ve seen on this mini, I don\'t think much of the sculpt. For some of the LOTR minis, GW did a pretty good job of capturing the likeness, but I\'d have to say this one is about as far from the mark as I\'ve seen. Miranda Otto is an amazingly attractive woman and somewhere they seem to have missed on the face big time.

    Sorry to hijack your thread ... keep up the good work.


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    I agree with yout take on the GW LOTR minis likenesses Jim.Some are great -Saruman,Denethor eg,But mostly they are pretty bad -Arwyn is probably the worst when they should make sure she was the best.As far as Mirranda Otto is concerned to me she hasnt got that striking beauty but when I see her I cant help but think she looks perfect.Odd.
    Back on thread for my own personal benefit and against all I believe in Ive touched up Eowyn,mainly the cloak as I think the rest is more to do with sculpt and photo quality.Im not gonna waste bandwidth reposting though.Instead Im putting up my finished delta biomech complete with my first sky earth attempt(worth showing anyway)

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    wow, member:D:D:D

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    Default Congradulations!!!

    Originally posted by klute_in_the_valute
    wow, member:D:D:D
    I suppose it\'s okay to hijack a thread to congradulate the original poster, isn\'t it :D
    (like I\'ve ever been worried about hijacking a thread) :)

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    Default eyeliner

    >it looks like she is wearing eyeliner, did they make that back in the day?

    Depends on what he means by the day. LOTR generally has a medieval feel, so you bet your sweet bippy they did. Eyeliner was invented by the Ancient Egyptians before Finn was born.
    The comment makes me think the writer hasn\'t studied faces. I once met an Amish farmer and was amazed by the lines in his face, especially by how dark the lines around his eyes were, and you can bet he was NOT wearing eyeliner.

    >the sword looks a little plain

    so does my screwdriver. The sword, like a screwdriver, is a tool, and not everybody fancies up their tools.

    I commented already, but hadn\'t noticed the face shadow. I thought it was just \"Star Trek\" lighting (like how every female appeared on the original series). I like NSA\'s idea better.

    I don\'t think the commentor was awful. I\'ve seen much worse. He actually seemed to be trying to offer helpful suggestions. His closing line was a bit flippant is all.

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    Default The Attack

    I opened the browser and low and behold you have the gender incorrect on the submitter of your grief... It is a beautiful, young, well educated woman, my DAUGHTER, this is her login that I am using now.
    You, sir, said about my mini what was said almost word for word about your 1st or so mini. You posted such a harsh comment about my work it brought me to tears and I deleted the picture.. I forgot to delete the email that accompanys the posting and my family saw it. My daughter reacted in such a manner to protect me. We just got thru a divorce with a control freak and the attack you made did not sit well with anyone in my family. Apparently the only crass comment was suggested by my present husband about the gloss finish not my 17 year old daughter...I must say he was a little more pissed. Now if you think about it you can probably recall the level of professional criticisim you have dealt out and pin point the reference I am making here and if not maybe I am not the only one you have brought down to size with your opinions and unconstructive criticism. For you to call any poster a jackass that has valid comments, to me points to the direction of your self esteem and lack of descretion in terminology. As far a her minis are concerned it is my fault that the honorable mention winner at Jones con Convention FL is not posted... It is corporate tax time and I have not had time for the camera and after your comment, the paint brush.
    I will suggest to her that she create a different pen name now that you have a vendetta and have so well publicised it. At least I am secure she will not take lightly the harm others can do with their lack of thought and verbal insults and she will not take any crap from anyone. That, I can say is a blessing.
    Sorry for the tribulation she caused you I hope this explains the issue so you can get some rest now.

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    Originally posted by OrForAwesome17
    I forgot to delete the email that accompanys the posting and my family saw it. My daughter reacted in such a manner to protect me. We just got thru a divorce with a control freak and the attack you made did not sit well with anyone in my family. Apparently the only crass comment was suggested by my present husband about the gloss finish not my 17 year old daughter...I must say he was a little more pissed.
    I understand, getting through a divorce with a control freak like you can be tough :rolleyes:

    How very mature to post a comment out of pure spite. I\'m so sorry that you were in tears over a comment on your mini, would you like a blanket and a cup of tea? You\'re favorite stuffed bear perhaps?

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    Default Ok ... that\'s enough

    I\'m not really the moderator anymore, but Peter isn\'t around. So, I\'ll say it for him.

    Please don\'t use the forums (or the comments) for any kind of attack. The WARNING atop the forums page makes it quite clear:

    WARNING: The majority of the Forum denizens are polite and considerate of each other. We have a very low threshold of tolerance for social defectives. If you can\'t keep it polite, take it elsewhere. It\'s not a question of crossing the line but rather staying well away from it.


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    Whoa. You stop reading the forums for a few days and they turn into \"Jerry Springer\". That\'ll larn me. Maybe if I stay away for the weekend, there\'ll be neo-Nazis throwing chairs by Monday ???

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