Need Help Selling a Marines Army (1st time seller)(Pictures in Second Post)
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Thread: Need Help Selling a Marines Army (1st time seller)(Pictures in Second Post)

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    Default Need Help Selling a Marines Army (1st time seller)(Pictures in Second Post)

    hey guys,

    im selling my 1st army, the space marines, in favour of a new Guard army, i have been working on these guys on and off for the past 7 years, and was wondering how best to sell them...

    the army includes:
    90 tactical marines
    1 converted Primarch Lion El Johnson
    1 custom built salamanders terminator captain
    5 Sword Brethren
    3 Terminators
    1 Techmarine
    1 Librarian
    1 Commander
    1 Command Squad
    2 Chaplains (incl. Chaplain Grimaldus)
    1 Limited Edition Castellan Draco
    1 Razorback
    1 Predator
    5 Grey Knights (no halbierds)

    (Photo\'s in Second Post)

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    Default Photos

    rights, heres a handful of photos showing the army as a whole (sorry for the low quality, i only have a phone camera, it also washes colours out and tends to make whatevers in the photo look worse than they are (for example, Chaplain Grimaldus has grey/white highlights, but it looks like scratched paint in the photos))

    The Whole army (minus half built marines and grey knights)

    The Painted lot (the custom paintjob i had been applying to the army)

    the mixed lot (templars, salamanders, ultramarines, etc)

    The Command lot (left to right: Lion El Johnson, Salamander Commander, Chaplain Grimaldus, Limited Edition Castellan Draco)

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    Default any help?

    are the forums very active? they don\'t seem to be...

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    your best bet is to stick em on ebay

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    I can\'t help you out with pricing, but I would suggest that you try selling them by squads rather than the whole army together (the economy being what it is at the moment, you\'ll get a better final price ;)). Also, you should retake pics because of the overall blur on them.

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    The only thing I will say is you will not get a decent return, even new unpackaged mini\'s sell less than packed ones. But painted mini\'s unless to a really high standard will go for extremely silly prices unless you put a reasonable starting price.

    I would recommed stripping any metal miniatures this will get you a more fair return.

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    Piecing the army out will almost certainly yield better returns. Same goes with stripping paint whenever you can. Purple Power, Superclean, and similar automotive degreasers work wonderfully on both metal and plastic.

    I\'d also suggest posting over at Bartertown and DakkaDakka.

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    I agree. eBay is probably your best bet, and you wont get a lot for them. Working on them for 7 years and the recent GW price hikes means you might make back close to your investment on some....

    I also would say break them into lots of units.

    \"Converted Landspeeder\" as a title on eBay may draw some good attention to it, and the conversion itself might boost its price, for example.

    Start actions low with no reserve, or place a buy it now on them for what you will take. Make sure you take more than one form of payment. Only taking Paypal really cuts off your nose to spite your face since not everyone that may be willing to buy has Paypal or wants to use it, even for free credit card payments.

    Also is that a real Lion El Johson or just a converted mini to be him? (if real how much for him? I didn\'t know he was made into a mini.)

    If you are wanting to get IG instead of these marines, you could possibly trade with people locally, or even on here as long as you are not in a rush as trading can be slow at times.

    Also if you do seel on eBay or somewhere else, make sure to get a pic of your spread out bits you don\'t need anymore and are getting rid of. Strangely auctions of bits are good sellers. I have never won a single auction for bits, cause people want to convert things more than have a whole mini I think.

    Good luck on whichever way you choose to do it.

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    awesome, thanks for your help guys, will probably sell them by squads then...

    also, sorry, but the Lion El Johnson is a conversion... and one of my better painted mini\'s

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    i have updated the list, as i found/built another 40 something marines...

    how much do you guys think i\'m gonna get for them? and whats a fair price to begin bidding at?... and how long should i put the bidding up for?

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    What type and how are they built, are they put together well, painted good, in good condition.

    Pretty much endless with these types lol

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    Here is the thing. strip every metle mini you have there. and reprime black all the painted plastic minis. you could even base the plastic minis and then reprime them. this will sell for alot more then painted minis.

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