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    Default Gen Con Indy 09' here we come!

    CMON will be attending Gen Con Indy this year! You can find us right next to the Dark Age Games booth (look for the tall burning cauldrons) at booth #1524, almost opposite the Reaper booth.

    Anything special you ask? And the answer is YES, YES and YES!!!

    For starters, remember Lillian Grace, Eternal Warrior, the miniature that we made to honor Jim Ludwig's daughter? If you arrive at our booth and have a painted version of Lillian Grace, Eternal Warrior in hand, we will extend you a 10% off discount on ALL your purchases from our booth. As an added incentive, we would like to purchase the best looking paintjob of the bunch (if you are willing to sell us your painted copy) to present to Jim at Gen Con.

    We will be bringing all sorts of good stuff.

    First, 2 brand new Limited Edition CMON miniatures:

    CMON35 Chaos Warlord

    CMON42 Kingha the Amazon from Enigma Miniatures (to be used for upcoming painting competition)

    Both are limited, if we do not sell out of them at Gen Con, the remainder will be available in the web store, but judging by the look of these minis, I am sure they will do very, very well at the show.

    Also, remember all the sold out limited edition CMON minis that's going on ebay for crazy money? Army Brat, Dark Crusader, Female Sorceress from Dark Sword Miniatures, Sihoban Nightshade from Dragon Blood Miniatures and of course the ever popular Celia from Anima Tactics Miniatures (last time we check, she was going for almost $80.00 on ebay). We are going to bring the rest of our reserves to Gen Con. No, these are not new ones that we made, but rather stock that we held back for missing shipments, sculptors and illustrators.

    We will be selling them at the same $14.99 price, but all the sold out items are only one per person, so that we don't have one person come by and buy all of them to ebay them. So make sure you come by the booth early to make sure you get your goodies. They WILL run out, without a doubt because we have very limited quantities of these items.

    Also, we will have the brand new Limited Edition Raven Priest from Studio McVey, exclusively available at the CMON booth. Sculpted by Master sculptor Jacques Alexander Gillois. This miniature is full of character and detail, not to be missed

    In addition, we will be bringing tons of Enigma products, FirstBorn 54mm Miniatures, Massive Darkness 30mm Miniatures, Scenic Premium Bases 30mm, 40mm and 50mm Premium Bases with Terrain already on them and Busts. Get ready for some exciting new releases only at Gen Con, and the great looking limited edition miniature shown above.

    We will also be representing Avatars of War and will have the full line of products in hand at the con.

    We will also be representing Valiant Miniatures at the show

    We will also have limited quantity of resin goodness from Degra Miniatures, including many, yes, many new releases.

    and much much more, so make sure you make CMON your first stop at Gen Con! If you cannot attend, get a ninja shopper to get the goodies...

    We look forward to seeing you there!

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    So, if I read this correctly, those of us that can\'t make it to Gen Con are screwed for getting these 2 minis unless there are left overs? Nice...

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    Don\'t you have a friend that\'s going? There are tons of people on the forum, some of them are bound to be able to hook you up if you ask nicely :)

    See, I see the glass as half full, rewarding people that are coming to give me face time at the booth while you are seeing it as half empty :) It might not sell out, so don\'t freak out yet.

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    I see what you are saying, but not everyone CAN travel to Gen Con. I would LOVE to, but can\'t leave work to go. I think half the stock of each mini should be sold at Gen Con, and the other half online. If you want to \"reward\" those who can take time off work, or just skip out alltogether to make it there, why not sell the minis at a discounted price at Gen Con? That way those of us who can\'t escape our daily responsibilities don\'t have to miss out.

    And I\'ve been screwed over too many times in life (not from this site however) to trust anyone to purchase the minis for me.

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    Oh great models... i could need 2~3 of them.... AND won\'t make it to GenCon, so if anyone is offering to catch some more up, let me know and please, please write me a pm :D


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    Wow! That Chaos Warlord is really nice. Who sculpted it??

    And the Kingha is really cool too.

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    You kinda read my mind, I am only taking 200 of each to the show :) so don\'t worry, you should be good, just make sure you don\'t miss the rest when I put them up.


    You gong to Gen Con? If you are, make sure you stop by the booth and talk about us carrying your line. BTW, the chaos dude is by Buddle, his best work yet.

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    Buddle eh! WOW! That IS his best work yet. Really cool that.

    I don\'t know if I will be able to make it to Gen COn this year. I want like hell to be able to, but you know how it goes.... bills bills bills and not enough cash to go around..... But one never knows! :)

    If I do make it I will certainyl stop by the booth. :cool:

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    Seems it\'d make more sense to make more avaliable, rather than do some silly limited run on mini\'s that might be popular and earn you some income.

    But hey, what would I know about making money, obviously a limited run sold mostly to punters at a specific trade show is the way to get rich.

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    I have to disagree with you. Most people do unlimited runs, so that they can pay for the initial sculpt, mold, concept cost and sell a miniature forever. What we are offering here is something special to our members, something that is special for them.

    As for Gen Con, again, we are just trying to make it special for those who attend the show, give them a reason to travel all the way there and visit our booth. Like I said, there will be some left for our on-line store when the dust settles, not the end of the World.

    Just remember, Unlimited run > limited run in making $$$, pretty simple math.

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    Oh cool!

    I would have love to seen the CMoN booth in Indy!!

    (don\'t we have a special VIP all expense paid trip for Moderators)

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    I\'ll be there! I\'ll spin by and probably splurge on wonderful minis :drunk:

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    Yeah, I\'m going, and can\'t wait to see what kind of goodness will be there. Probably too much for my poor wallet. :(


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    Awesome! It\'ll be great to see CMON represented at the show. I have started making my shopping list already...

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