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    Okay, here\'s where I am at so far. It\'s obv. a work in progress and I\'d sure like input. I decided to go for a grey cloak as I guessed it would be the easiest to shade and highlight for effective OSL. I haven\'t painted the flame yet other then \"blueing\" it in. I kept the shading really dark and did next to zero highlighting on what I coneived as the \"dark\" areas of the mini. I then highlighted up the lit areas, and glazed with turquoise the areas I though might be okay. Should I do the face? The hand? Please help out....

    Thanks for any help and suggestions!

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    Scott PM ShawnRL, he\'s the OSL kiddie here, alternatively check out Victoria Lambs website

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    here\'s her tutorial

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    Did a little bit of playing about in Photoshop for you Scott.
    Hope it helps you.

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    The lighting along the upper part of the hood is far too harsh. The light will glance off the hood at an angle, similar to the way sunlight is diminished during winter due to the angle of Earth. So perhaps fade it earlier and cut it off earlier.

    As well, the light will be somewhat shielded by his arm and hand, so whatever light you cast on his left leg should be shielded in the middle. You can use a straight edge to get this right, or even a string held from the point furthest out to the leg, it should just touch the sleeve.

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    The first time I tried osl, I took a wip shot of the mini and used a graphics program to draw a circle on it, centred on the light source. It helped me to keep in mind the limits of the light and what would and wound not be lit. Like this:

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    Dragonreach has a great idea there with using photoshop to try stuff out.

    One concept the I still find takes some dicipline myself to is that when lit, not everything will get really light - eg. something black, in the dark and in the light will be very similar.

    Here\'s a chart to compare TONES (light and dark)

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    Cool guys! I have more hope with this then I did starting it out.

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    ??? I can\'t figure out why the same techniques I use for red flames didn\'t work quite right on blue and this may look more like a crystal than the flames you want, but here is What I see the light from a blue flame doing, of course without the blue extending beyond the hand and other places that cause shadows.

    If it helps at all and you want, I will do the back view image the same way so you can have it to look at along with the front view to make the light extend to the same areas of the arms and such.

    But of course I could be completely wrong about what I think it might look like. :drunk:

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    The single easiest way to create an accurate resource to work from for OSL is to take a photo of it in the dark actually source lit. If you set it up right, you can even get photos from different angles. Use a Mag-Lite or torch as your light source and coloured gels to test colours out.

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    I\'m loving this thread. Thanks for posting your OSL question. Those in the know, please keep sharing. I\'ll be checking in regularly to see what comes of this.

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    Some goon wrote this article on OSR, OSK, OS something or the other. Seems to help some.:rolleyes:


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