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Thread: Nurgle Chariot WIP (Finished!!!)

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    Here is the start of the first horse. Please disregard the chain dangling in front of the mini in one of the pictures, I forgot to move it. Also the pictures helped me spot an area on the mini that was not highlighted right so I went back and smoothed it out.

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    this is goin\' to be one badass chariot...
    did the customer send it to you pre-built, or did he just give you an idea and let you design it???

    the kidnap operation to swipe Bobby Gorgeous has been cancelled...
    consider yourself lucky:twisted:...


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    This is some sweet work. Nice SBS. Very different.

    Can\'t wait to see what you come up with on the Wolfen WIP.
    ( But don\'t let that pull you from this...we want to see this done !!!)

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    Very nice work !! Especially on those greens.

    If I may suggest one thing, I\'d change that background on the final pics, the black cloths thingy dosn\'t do justice to the mini in my opinion.


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    Well done mate, excellent work. Very nice on the greens.

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