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Thread: Join a Rackham WIP - Free Minis !

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    Default Join a Rackham WIP - Free Minis !

    As part of a recent Ebay purchase, I wound up with a large number of duplicates of some nice Wolfen and Devourers.
    Since I don\'t have a lot of free time, I enjoy a good WIP and I\'m a nice guy...

    I am making available the following 7 figures FREE:

    4 - Devourer - Huntsman of Vile-Tis #1
    3 - Wolfen - Syriak the Intrepid

    with the only condition being that if you take one, you post WIP pics to this post in a reasonable amount of time.
    I may even paint one of my own and join in....

    If you don\'t know the minis, search CMON for \"huntsman\" and \"syriak\".
    There are a wide variety of painted examples at all levels for inspiration.

    This is NOT a competition. It\'s just for the fun and to get some feedback.

    If you are interested, send me a PM and let me know which you would like ( or either ). Include your shipping address.

    First 7 get them. Limit one per painter.
    I may regret this, but.....I\'ll ship anywhere.

    If this goes well, I may do it again with other figs.



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    What do you consider a reasonable time between updates?

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    PM sent!

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    pm sent...

    this is a cool idea...
    beats havin\' a bunch of minis gatherin\' dust in a shoebox (or two), not that i\'d know about that:redface:...


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    PM sent from my part as well.

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    PM sent too. Never painted a Rackham, so if I\'m lucky enough to get sent one, that\'ll be a nice treat indeed!

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    Holy Crap...that was quick.

    All 7 are gone already.

    Huntsman - Pegazus, Squig Hunter, Jahminis, Chrome
    Syriak - Joe K, Wingz, Shining Darkness

    The demand is I am adding the following:

    2 - Wolfen - Tracker #2
    2 - Wolfen - Lonewolf #2
    1 - Wolfen - Varghar

    Fair is fair....any of the first 7 can request a swap if they have a higher preference.


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    pm sent, I\'m really hoping to get my paint on that Varghar.

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    Originally posted by cfwheeler58
    Holy Crap...that was quick.
    Well, free mini with free shipping... life doesn\'t get much better. You\'re just lucky you\'re doing this over the \'net and don\'t have a retail store riot. lol

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    PM Sent. I might give this ago in the future, seeing as I have so much stuff and still buying :redface: its my drug ;).....stu.....

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    generous guy, while I know I could never follow a time table I think this is a really cool idea since we will get to see several wip that show off multiple styles and techniques. I\'m waiting, and curious, for the wips to start

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    PM sent, but I think I\'m too late.

    Great idea! Very generous. It would be nice if you created a single thread... like here maybe for ALL the WIP pics.

    I\'d like to follow this one.

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    Default WHOA

    This has grown to 15 or 16 figures.....

    I\'m closing out now, but may add a few more from my older wolfen,
    so send a pm if still interested.

    Here\'s what we have:

    Devourer Huntsman #1 - 5 - Pegazus, Squighunter, Chrome, Jahminis, Aliengod3
    Wolfen - Syriak - 3 - Joe K, Wingz, Shining Darkness
    Wolfen Varghar - 1 - APZ
    Wolfen Tracker #2 - 2 - Nick232, Krug
    Wolfen Lonewolf #2 - 2 - Stubert, Necroghast
    Wolfen Lonewolf #1 - 1 - The Mighty Dwarf
    Wolfen Repentant #2 - 1 - PEZ5767

    I\'m also holding one more spot open for Monkeysplitters, if he wants it.

    I\'ll update when all are mailed. (Thursday / Friday)

    Confirm receipt on this thread.

    WIP photos and descriptions on this thread.

    I hope this grabs a following.....

    Chris W

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    Many thanks for this idea Chris - not only are you sending us some really rather nice figures, but also doing it for free. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside :)

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    Yeah, you sure you\'re not Santa in disguise? Of course, if you were you wouldn\'t tell so I\'ll just nod and smile whatever you say. :D

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    Thank You! I\'m really grateful for the lovely opportunity, Santa :)

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