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Thread: Join a Rackham WIP - Free Minis !

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    Looks good Alien :-D
    The nmm armour looks good :)
    I\'m kind of shamefull that I haven\'t started yet! But soon, soon...

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    I think my mini is beginning to look like a hawaiian sunset... :mad: This mini is helping me realize I do not like NMM... :mad: Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Brush over it with metallics? lol

    I actually really like the color and I might even steal it, but I think it\'d blend into the ground cover I\'m planning.

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    Default Awesome

    Love the color. It\'s very cold, which I like.

    Consider a black wolf in a winter setting ?
    Tabard in navy, dark red or deep cold green ?

    If you think the armor\'s too cold, try washing in a little orange-brown ?

    I wouldn\'t start over. It\'s a great start.

    I\'d kill to paint this well....sad, but true.

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    I am stripping the mini and starting over. I decided I want a darker colored armor :idea:

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    You\'re stripping it! That shoulder pad looks really nice too. Hope you\'re happier with the second bash :beer: B.

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    Originally posted by Aliengod3
    I am stripping the mini and starting over. I decided I want a darker colored armor :idea:
    Schade. I thought this was coming on well! Ah well, it\'s whether you like it that\'s important.

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    Well here is the new color. I like it better, however I think my shadows need to be darker. Also I am still working on the highlights. I am not sure if I want them to be subtle or real contrasty.

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    Hey Alien, really like the way this is turning out! Have you shaded with some reds and purple tints? I think i see some, but if you haven\'t, i think it might look pretty cool !

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    Yes I tried to throw in some random colors while I was shading. I used hawk turquoise in some areas, a reaper color called burgundy wine (dark red color) and also reaper nightshade purple (dark blue purple).

    I am not too familiar with how to use tones so I am trying to figure that stuff out on this mini. I also decided that I am going to stick with metallics instead of NMM so the trim and ornamentation will be done with either chainmail or boltgun metal. And I have not decided what color to make the skin yet.

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    Wow, that\'s really nice. I like the colors used. Maybe use some more of that nice blue that you\'ve got in the shadows on the front in the darkest areas of the back. Super though, love it.


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    Ok, I forgive you for stripping it, it looks v. cool now! (Not that it didn\'t before, but you know what I mean! :P)

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    Shaping up nicely, good stuff.

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    A picture! A picture!

    It doesn\'t show a lot, but the bow arm has been extended, and I won\'t attach the throwing knife until after I\'ve painted it all. Figure the little knife would just break off during handling, so no reason to bother. After doing some gap filler, I sculpted a bunch of aspen leaves. I\'ll have to make a mold of them so I can mass produce the severe quantities I\'ll need. But, here\'s the current shot!

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    CF Coolest thing ever!

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    Tracy....if you have a wolfen lying around....jump in....

    If I had any left, I\'d send you one, but the community cleaned me out.
    I now have only one of each left for me.

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    Oh heck Chris I was not hinting glad you left a few for you, you have a kind heart to share like this though. My highest respects to you.

    I just love a community wip and think you made a great way to start one.
    I learned loads on the board when there used to be only one wip thread...I liked it it seemed to build comradery between the painters.

    I am in full time school right now and spend may hours studying yet I have a few cool wolfs here I really liked the models and have yet to paint one.

    I do have a start on a Privateer Press Warpwolf Extreme. A diorama I started and have not touched it since.
    Maybe this would be a good swift kick forward but I would be slow that for sure and rusty.

    Much love to you and I glad to see you around.
    BTW looking through the Wips you all have done some inspiring work!

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    Here are the almost finished leg pads. My mini is coming along slowly. I am having trouble with my paint application, I am not getting the blends I want and it is frustrating me. My pictures are not coming out right either. I have to fiddle with my studio set up and figure out what the problem is.

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    Aliengod3, you seem to be frustrated with obtaining smoother blends, are you only using intermediary layers of thinned paint? Have you played with ink glazes to further refine transitions? Just a thought, with your milky paint thread as well, I wondered if inks are something you\'ve played with yet? (admittedly without checking back through posts to see :D) :drunk: :beer: B.

    EDIT P.S. Wolfen looks lovely & smooth to me, is it just the photo or are there lots of colours but not much shade?

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    I think it is the photo. I have been using dark shades but they look real bright in the picture. Photographing this mini has been difficult but I will figure it out.

    Edit: I do think that the shoulder pad looks more colored than shaded and highlighted so I might go back and repaint it.

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