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    Hi CFwheeler, yeah I'm still set on the Jackal scheme. Things have been a bit hectic recently with Xmas, end of University semester and work and I haven't made any progress though!

    I did get a great early Xmas present of a light tent, and I fully intend to put some time in at the painting table asap and take some WIP shots to try it out. Maybe even tomorrow!

    I'll post pics when I have something worth showing.
    Merry Xmas

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    Small update. Got a pretty heavy Gryphonne Sepia wash on my wolfen, did some muscle highlights, then decided that I really hated the way the head connected to the body. I'm pretty inexperienced with greenstuff (beyond simple reposing of arms), but the fur seemed to come out ok. Also filled in some gaps on the shoulders that weren't visible until after I got a couple coats of paint on the mini.

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    Merry Christmas CF and to all the wolf lovers here
    may the new year bring plenty of painting time
    Winter is Coming...

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    I'm totally done. I'll post pictures after all the christmas festivities.

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    Here goes! First I'll post the pictures then explain whats going on :-)

    As you familiar with Rackham can see I'm working on Varghar which I got from Amazon Warrior in ME. Really like the sculpt which is why I decided to paint this wolfen first, figured any wolfen will go in the wolfen brigade wip

    First I drilled, pinned and glued the arms and torso, also put some rods in his feet to pin him to the painting base and later to the finished base. Then I removed any moldlines with a hobby knife and some files. Then I used milliput to fill all the gaps, also did a milliput wash all over the model (thanks for the tip Automaton :-)). Then I used sandpaper on any rough surface, grades 350, 600 and 1200.
    After the pictures where taken I scrubbed the whole model with steelwool (with soap!) and then I washed it and scrubbed it with a toothbrush and soap. And thats pretty much it for the prep job! It will soon be primed grey and painted (hopefully).

    The base is made from the standard square base that came with the model, it is in progress of being sculpted to look like a rock surface with a cliff sticking out on the side. I simply used a rough stone to imprint rocklike texture in the milliput before it dried. The base will also get some snow on it so any ideas and input on how to do that (I have no idea!) would be great :-D

    I plan to paint the model with a light blue with red shadows on the skin (kind of like Laurent does in the Miniature mentor video Complete guide to miniature painting), with black hair and brown details like belts to brake it up a little, because the skin color will (again, hopefully) look pretty bright once done.. Because Rackham style usually includes NMM I might just try some on the axe and the buckles.. You'll have to wait and see!

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    Got a bit more done on my guy. Blended the skin highlights a bit, got the gray hair looking pretty good, got a base coat down on armor and cloth.

    I also put in a pretty good amount of effort to get the mouth looking good and I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. Let me know what you think.

    Hm. These pictures aren't great. I'll see what I can do about that lighting. The mouth actually looks better in person.

    Also, I've tried a couple different colors on the cloth and can't seem to figure out what I want to do with it. At the moment, I'm strongly considering going back and leaving it black.
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    Default Bysra WIP Part I - Figure

    Long overdue WIP
    Work, family, all know what I mean....

    Bysra is not quite finished yet.

    The staff still needs work.
    The blade in his left hand needs some work as does the skull atop his head.
    There will be some final NMM highlights as well.

    Otherwise I am very interested in feedback on color, shading, highlighting, etc.

    The primer went on a bit grainy, so the figure is a little rougher than I would like.
    I wanted to see this through to a timely end, though.

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    Default Bysra WIP Part II - Base

    This is the figure temporarily on the base.

    Everything else on the base is permanent except the trees.
    I think the rocks will get some more dark, dirty shading.
    There will also be some small scrub vegetation.
    I will also put a satin finish on the stained perimeter of the base.

    Do the trees look good ? Too many ? Placement ?
    How about the headstone ?
    Any suggestions for color(s) on the base ?
    Anything else ?

    I know some of the pics of the base aren't great.
    I am just trying to get a few quick looks.

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    Oh right I have to post my pics! Will do that soon!

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    Here it is. Not my best work, not my worst, the sword and base are the best parts IMO.
    As Some of you know, I'm still fiddling around with photoshop and I'm going to go download gimp. I'll post stuff in my gallery when I figure it all out.

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    Hi Necroghast, looks great It'll be nice to see with new photos, may I request at least one shot that shows the whole project, from bottom of the base to tippity top

    Hi Wheeler, that looks smashing, the only element I'm unsure about is the front tree on the base, it's going to be hard to prevent it being a blurry presence in the foreground of all pics

    Keep it up guys, cheers, B.
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    Default Nearly Final Version....

    ...pending comments and suggestions, of course.

    This has been fun.
    I may do some more here.


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    Great job Necro and Cf

    Looks like I will be the last one to finish :-p
    Just put the gray basecoat on, dont remember the name, think its Barley grey from Vallejo Model Air..

    Have you tried priming the model with a airbrush? I too have had some grainy result with a spray can but with my airbrush it gets quite smooth :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by cleen X View Post
    Looks like I will be the last one to finish :-p
    Just put the gray basecoat on, dont remember the name, think its Barley grey from Vallejo Model Air..
    Oh, I seriously doubt you'll wind up last. That'll be my honor most probably.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PegaZus View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by cleen X View Post
    Great job Necro and Cf

    Looks like I will be the last one to finish :-p
    Just put the gray basecoat on, dont remember the name, think its Barley grey from Vallejo Model Air..
    Oh, I seriously doubt you'll wind up last. That'll be my honor most probably.
    Oh, I believe I am in the competing group as well.
    Quote Originally Posted by TrystanGST View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by PegaZus View Post
    Oh, I seriously doubt you'll wind up last. That'll be my honor most probably.
    Quote Originally Posted by Chrome View Post
    Oh, I believe I am in the competing group as well.
    I am still searching for a good way to hold Varghar, he is so big nothing works like I want it! Just bought a pretty heavy "Extra hand" I think its called..

    Its pretty cool I use the pliers to hold the pinning rods coming out of the minis legs and I removed the glass, didnt help me to much
    What I would really like is one of the vices that Julien Casses uses on his Carnifex in the War for Macragge wip

    Looks exactly like what I need! Problem is I cant find one! Maybe it is homemade
    Despite some problems with the miniature I am really enjoying it! I am finding the metal Rackham minis to be very enjoyable
    Might need to find some more of them!

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    Default I am finished...

    I'd appreciate your vote.
    Take a minute to leave a comment as well.

    I may yet do another wolfen for this thread.
    Hopefully a little better than this one....


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    V & C'd for you.
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    Hi Chris, I voted you an 8 yesterday & have just read DR's comment & it articulately sums up my disjointed feelings! Beautifully painted overall, I didn't go with a nine because the red staff head muddles me (painted metal, gem, wood?) & I'm afraid that skull stone on the base really turns me off (not your painting particularly, the sculpt). Still a smashing leader of the pack for the Wolfen Brigade, it'll be great to see you do a second one too Cheers, B.
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    Thanks for the continued support, BPI.

    An 8 suits me fine.

    As I told Mike, I suspect now I should have gone bone or maybe onyx with the staffhead.

    As for the leader of the pack, it is certainly a nice image. I can embrace it as the patron,
    but mine is neither the first nor the best of those completed thusfar.
    I also think some of the WIPs that are stalled herein have TREMENDOUS promise.

    SO....the rest of you....get back to your lycans !!!!

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