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Thread: Join a Rackham WIP - Free Minis !

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    Here is what I use for the string:
    a normal stereo-cable

    I strip it:

    And here we have the fibers I am going to use(sorry about the blur):

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    I\'ve seen one version of Varghar somewhere that has black triangular warpaint.
    Similar to the Ahnold \"Conan\" scheme.
    It was pretty cool.
    This fig is looking great, too.

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    the finished skin. I\'ll update again when I\'m quite a bit further along. Everything looks great on this thread. Many thanks to CFWheeler for the great idea. I hope that this idea really takes off. Its a great opportunity for the community to come together (not to mention get some sweet models).

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    Take three strands, twist them clockwise using your pin vice so that they look like this:

    Then make another string repeating the instructions above.

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    Take one of the strings you made, fold it round a pin of adequate size and then twist it counter-clockwise. You should get something like this:

    Then do the same with the second string.

    It is a time consuming task, that\'s for sure.

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    Can\'t leave this figure alone at the moment - possibly because after today, work beings again ( :( ). Hey ho...

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    Ok, I cut a notch on both ends of the bow to guide the string when I string the bow:

    Attached both strings to each end of the bow and sealed it with super glue:

    (Important)Before the next step I bent the bow just a little to get the area the string will cover a wee bit shorter.

    Then I stretched both ends of string towards each other, sealed the connection with super glue:

    And wound the remaining string over the glued connection to hide it and make the area of the string where you nock the arrows. (This one got a bit thicker than it should but I think it might be adequate anyhow, or what do you think?)

    When the string is done, carefully bend the arms of the bow back, stretching the string and making the bow look stringed:

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    Ok I worked on the rest of the body a bit but I want to do a bit more before I post pictures. So yeah, everyones stuff is looking AWESOME so far.
    @ Chrome- I can get to that site, but all your pictures appear as an X. I\'ll assume its really cool though!

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    Chrome: I have to say that\'s some damn fine work there. I certainly wouldn\'t have anywhere near the patience to do something like that, but it looks like it\'s paid off very nicely indeed. Hurry up and splash some paint on though ;)

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    Finally finished my prep...

    Work to begin soon:


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    I\'m stoked to see everyone\'s work here. Here\'s what I put together tonight...although it was just with yellow-tack for the picture..

    Pins and glue now hold him together. He somehow reminds me of B.A. Baracus...I think it\'s the chains.

    And the 2nd. Just pinned his little hand and scythe in place.

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    For the sake of Necroghast I will change my uploading client for this thread. Hopefully he will be able to see the pictures if the client server is located within his own borders.

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    And as a side note, I have come to realize that I hate Photobucket.

    @Necroghast: Can you see them now?

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    Ok, only a few bits and pieces left to string together and then I will join the painting mayhem as well.

    here we have the guy at his current:

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    Originally posted by Chrome
    It started out as me being lazy and wanting to get at those mold lines quick and easy, but I soon realized that it was a perfect way of smoothing out large surfaces and such and thus reducing the risk of getting a rough base coat. The fact that the mini looks and feels cleaner as well is just a bonus.
    The method I use here is very simple, a very thin steel brush tool and my Dremel, being careful not to press too hard when polishing as that makes the brush dig into the mini, making it lose detail.

    try a brass brush/wheel, it\'s softer than the steel ones, I\'ve not damaged a mini with it yet :D


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    And the brass ones make for a better sheen as well. But the original idea was to remove small mold lines and that takes ages with a brass one.

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    that\'s true, can take a while

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    All looking great! :)
    And thanks for the tip on the brass brush, must try that.

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    Sorry about the blur people.
    Here we have my last touches on the model. Time to flock the base and then prime him.

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    I can see them now! thanks! the bow string looks really good.

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