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Thread: Join a Rackham WIP - Free Minis !

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    They\'re all looking awesome so far! I\'m v. jealous. :cool:

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    Ok... Honestly, is my color scheme too boring? I\'m liking the orangish skin as its different from the usual blues and purples but I\'m not sure on the robes and stuff. Do you guys think maybe the robes should be all grey and much brighter? Thats what I was thinking:

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    Wow, everyone elses is really coming together! Mine still hasnt arrived yet! :mad: Oh well, as soon as it gets here I will get right on it =P

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    Default Great Stuff, guys

    Necro - I think the orange skin looks GREAT.
    Lighter, bleached out robes would make the skin pop, if that\'s what you are looking for.

    Chrome - Looks fantastic. I like the \"downhill\" pose a lot.
    I noted some mold lines on the bow ( look at first 2 picswhere you are stringing the bow).
    You may have subsequently got to them, but I can\'t tell.

    TMD - Patience is a virtue....

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    Default Apologies for the 2x post

    This should be obvious, but....

    Anybody who has a Wolfen or Devourer they have been putting off painting
    is, of course, both welcome and encouraged to jump into the thread.

    I am prepping a Bysra myself. Just can\'t figure out a base I like.

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    Maybe I\'ll go for a greyish bone color. Thanks for the suggestion.

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    Originally posted by cfwheeler58
    Mike --- Get that Wolfen out of it\'s 7 year old blister and join in !!!!!
    lol lol lol
    I\'m currently fighting with 6ft high Mega Gargant as well as CENSORED, CENSOREDand CENSORED for Gameday.

    Plus I\'m liking what I\'m seeing here too much to join in and get badly shown up.

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    Time for yet another update!
    I might do a few since I need to be up and awake waiting for a friend arriving by train at 02:45 tonight. lol

    The camera was mean and told me I had grabbed the mini a minute or two earlier than I should. That fingerprint is barely recognizable on the table though so I think I might get away with it being a dent or something.

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    Originally posted by Dragonsreach
    Plus I\'m liking what I\'m seeing here too much to join in and get badly shown up.
    Coming from someone that\'s well within the top 300 on this site... Admit it, you\'re just making excuses! :P

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    Just realized I hadn\'t put the pieces on any kind of stand for painting! how stupid of me. So now I have:

    No more painting tonight, I\'m off to a rather large end of the summer social gathering. But tommorow I will start to rework the robes and maybe finish up the skin.

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    And the first coat of the armor is done:

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    Chrome - would you mind posting a shot of the steel brush you use with the dremel on your polishing?

    I\'ve got a couple that I attempted with last night, but didn\'t really get any measurable results. I\'m thinking I may not be on the right track.

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    Default Brass Brushes

    I use this for broad work:,6632.html

    and this for polishing and tight spots:,6828.html

    For non-Dremel, try something like this:

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    Default Housekeeping

    Sorry to interrupt the most excellent progress photos:

    Received - 14 - Pegazus, Chrome, Jahminins, APZ, JoeK, ShiningDarkness, Nick232, Stubert,
    Necroghast, Pez5767, AlienGod3, Occultist, Scherdy, Elric2k
    Sent / Not Received ( as far as I know ) - 6- Squig, WingZ, MightyDwarf, Quietmanes, MightyChad, Maltique
    Mailing Friday - 1 - Shakes
    Mailing Friday w/ Nickname Only - 1 - Krug
    Awaiting Name & Address - 1 - Rosac

    Let me know if any of this is inaccurate....


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    Default My steel brushes
    Those brushes are what I use.
    First brush from the left is for heavy duty model tearing business, I only use this when I want to make quick battle damage or if a surface is particularly ugly to begin with.
    Second brush is what I use for Mold lines and other not so heavy duties.
    The two last brushes are made of nylon and are purely for polishing since it is virtually impossible to damage the mini with them.

    And like everyone have been stating a few times; if your only goal is to polish the mini, use brass brushes! Steel brushes will soften detail and if you are unlucky and/or careless you will lose details you want to keep.
    The optimal order for polishing is to go over the entire mini with first a thick brass brush, then a thinner brass brush and lastly a variety of nylon brushes.

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    Base coat and first set of shadows set on Wolfen Repentant:

    Still pretty rough, next step should start the smoothing out process.

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    Sorry for the double post...
    I got a bit more done tonight. I wish i could take a decent photo... there is actually some contrast to this model on the skin despite what the pictures show. I\'ll have to get some photo 101 or this might be a pointless excercise for me. Anyway... lots to smooth out. More work to come:

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    You guys are waaay to lucky, I\'m jealous :(

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    Splashed some more paint on him now.

    This makes me almost done with the base coat, time for a short break I believe

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