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Thread: Join a Rackham WIP - Free Minis !

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    The package has finally been received!
    The two extra minis are awesome too! I well get a picture up tonight hopefully, if not tomorrow =]

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    @pez5767 - great start, I really like your colors and the shadowed photo could serve well as a top highlights guide.

    Unfortunately no photos from me today as I didin\'t like the way skin developed and therefore have stripped the paint and will again prime today (nothing unusal if you know me), this time I\'ll go with a more darker color from start and try the preshading technique. So not dead and be back tomorrow.

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    Recieved the mini, not done anything with it though, GD looms, but I\'ll try to get to it as soon as I can :) Thanks :)


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    So, I\'ve tentatively put the head on, and have been playing around with the colours - obviously, the skull, horns - in fact everything on the head needs a much more refinement, but colour-wise I\'m happy enough. Oh, and a bit of GS-filling is required too - from the back it doesn\'t really sit so well at the mo\'. Still, it\'s coming along...

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    Default Finally got going on a base I like for Bysra

    This is my contribution to the thread.

    Fig is in 4 parts: body with right arm ( no hand), head, left arm, standard ( with hand)
    The fig is cleaned up and polished. Pins inserted, fig still unassembled.
    Each foot has a pin, as does the base of the standard.
    The hex wood base is the cover to a cheap hex box from Michael\'s.
    This is a rough shot; the interior will sit a little higher in the base.
    Soil, vegetation and details later.
    Now I can separate the base from the fig and treat each as separate projects until the end.

    Love to hear feedback and ideas.

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    Okay, done some prelim work on this. Gave all three figures a brushing over, and then did a quick mock up. Mind that the thees are just some rolled up tape as stand-ins (and I realized I didn\'t get a good picture of that to begin with).

    First picture is an top-view overview. Warrior is about to slash at the werewolf, and the wolfen is about to throw a knife at the warrior, ostensibly to save the werewolf. Second picture is a knife I had around. Not sure what angle I should put it at. Even with the palm? Or 45 degrees to it? Slightly back? Have to see what looks right. Third picture shows what I\'m going to have to do to the bow arm. It\'s sculpted in such a way as to be ready to be drawn, but I\'m wanting more a slashing motion. So, I\'ll have to saw at the elbow and sculpt in some replacement material. I\'m also going to twist his body to his left, both as a follow through on the slash and a boost to the knife.

    The trees may be a little tricky. I\'m wanting to do aspens, and I\'ve found some sticks that almost look like them. I want to add some black circumferential ridges, like the real trees. But I may have to just paint those on as I haven\'t found something that looks nice.

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    Default Admin Update

    Mailed on Saturday - Krug, Shaks, Cleen X
    Still waiting on Rosac. That\'s the end of it.......

    WIPs looking good.

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    Finally got a reasonably good picture.
    I\'m just about done with the skin tones.

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    It\'s interesting to see the various colors that people are doing the skin in.

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    That\'s the beauty of the wolf.....

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    Going for a brownish bone color on the robes. I will eventually take it up to bleached bone and white. Oh, and I\'ll get better pictures too; I forgot that my case has better lighting than my painting table.

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    base skin color with preshading, I intend to go through with him this time. Any comments are appreciated. (oh, and pay no attention to the base, as I said there\'s probably going to be snow all over.)

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    some leather and blocking out a few colors:

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    Here\'s an EXTREMELY rough sketch of what I\'m going to do with the base:

    It will be a jungle base with a deep chasm with water at the bottom with a bridge over the top. the dude already looks like hes menacing or chasing someone so if i can find it, I\'m going to put the dude running from the GW giant set on the end.

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    Good to see lots of work going on here.

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    Default Progress

    Wasn\'t happy with the flatness of the first basing attempt. Kept some of it though....

    The base will also get some vegetation and possibly a few minor items.

    Question to those more experienced than I:
    Assuming I am staining and polyurethaning the base perimeter,
    do I complete the scene, then stain....or vice versa ?

    Have not made any color scheme decisions yet. Input welcome....

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    Looks good so far! Glad to see the participation and this was a great idea.

    Chris, I don\'t think it matters too much- if you want to stain first you can, just make sure you tape off the stained section before you start painting. I can\'t think of a reason you couldn\'t stain afterwards, though you will get some stain on your basing. Probably ok if it\'s dark brown, but otherwise you may want to stain first.


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    cfwheeler58 is an awesome person. He made me a very kind offer, but with hordes of unpainted wolfen already glaring at me from the shelf, I was forced to decline in favour of painting one I already have! lol

    Here she is:

    I decided to go with a girl wolfen for variety\'s sake. I assembled and primed her quite a while ago, so she\'s not as good as she could be, thus the first step is damage limitation. I\'ve already cleaned a mould line off her face (hence the missing primer) and there are a few other places I need to attack before I can think about getting some paint on her. (Top tip about the brass brushes tho! Didn\'t realise how darned useful they are!) The base is kind of vanilla, but is intended to fit in with my other wolfen as a gaming piece, so it probably won\'t change too much.

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    Appreciate the kind words, all.

    Thanks for the input, Zach.

    Very happy you\'ve jumped in, AW.
    Hopefully more with lonely wolfen will do the know who you are.....

    Including AW and myself, that brings the total participation to 25 if all recipients post WIPs.

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    So I haven\'t had a whole lot of extra time to paint this past week, but here is what I have so far, mostly basecoated. Hair is finished and the shrunken head is about done. My lack of experience is really shining through here compared to some of you guys, good job! My camera skill are suck, its true. I am working on a lightbox and I have a tripod ordered for my little camera, but for WIP, it will have to do!

    I was thinking of blending in a bluish black area for the muzzle. Any thoughts, or critiques? I wel come them!

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