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    I have put a lot of time into the mini and the skin is soon finished. Yes I am slow :-p

    Almost all shadows except for a few parts are done, shadows now range from about 70:30 basecoat and dark flesh to 50:50 dark flesh and liche purple.. Highlights are added on some parts but there is still A LOT of work left! Sadly, because I have no permanent photo setup good pics are a pain in the ass to take. I will try Jarheads method of putting a plastic bucket of matt clear plastic over the mini and letting it diffuse the light. Seems very simple, cheap and effectful so I will give it a try!

    Once the skin is finished I will post some pics :-)

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    An update! Hooray!

    Shows pretty clearly the gold trim that I was planning. Still have to do the throwing knife, and I've decided I'm going to leave off the quiver entirely for the diorama. I was thinking I'd want to show it empty, and realized he'd ditch the whole thing when it was empty.

    When I painted the metallics on the bow, I was happy with it. Seeing it in the pictures... now not so much. So there's no picture of that. It just wasn't enough contrast between the silver and shine. More work there then.

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    I've made a little progress. I decided that I didn't like the blue on Razheem's bracer and that I couldn't face doing all his armour green (I mostly paint Orcs). So I've changed his colour scheme. So far I've got part way through base coats for the armour. What do you guys think of this red green combination? Sorry for the crappyish photos

    The section done in brown (elbow guards, top of shield etc) will be gold.

    The most progress has been on the outside face of the halberd.

    I am pretty new to NMM. I can safely say this halberd is the best I have done so far. But it doesn't pop for me. It doesn't fully carry the illusion of steel. I think its almost there but I'm not sure what I need to do to make it look right. My thoughts are that it needs some deeper shadows, that the white I have put on it in small points is not prominent enough and needs to be whiter (may not have put enough coats on to yet) or the areas need to be larger. Finally maybe the blend is just not smooth enough. Or all of the above. I'd appreciate some advise from anyone who is good at the technique. This is my only Razheem and I cant see myself happening on another so the paintjob has to be my best yet to do him justice.


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    stew, if you tweek the shadows opposite the glare spots you will get the contrast that you need.
    Then if need you can go back and tweek the glare spots.

    here is an example

    As you can see it's the shadows opposite the glare spots that make it stand out.
    Contrast between light and dark is the key to nmm.
    hope that helps.
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    I love the NMM combo of the blade and the bronze (?) handle.

    This is a GREAT example of how NMM can be convincing without being "clean".

    How about a tutorial SBS on this ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by cfwheeler58 View Post

    I love the NMM combo of the blade and the bronze (?) handle.

    This is a GREAT example of how NMM can be convincing without being "clean".

    How about a tutorial SBS on this ?

    I'm snowed under for the next week or so getting things ready for releasing a few new packs for my Elven range and i don't know when i'll have chance to finish the two orc trackers.
    When i get chance i'll be doing a tutorial for my blog at some stage which could easily be used as an nmm tute as well, i could easily paste it to cmon as well.

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    Oh geez, I still have to post better pictures. I'm swamped by schoolwork right now. (22 pages of reading on the reformation, a paper on Macbeth, and a 10-12 page paper on the effects of the economic recession on thailand) so I'll post pictures in a couple years.

    Seriously though, I could probably get some up next weekend.

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    Interesting to see both Pegazus & Stewsayer using green armour, it'll be interesting to see how your approaches differ Keep the updates coming guys, cheers, B.
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    Default The insanity continues....

    I have sent out 3 more packages.
    I broke up an extra flesh eaters box and sent each of the figs out.

    Add Skullz, -=Lazuli=- and Ralph to the WIP list.

    They should have their figs early next week.

    Total participants now at at 34.


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    I'm waiting for mini with brushes ready to paint!

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    Got the mini today, worked on it for 3 hours so far.
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    I'm still working this halberd. I'm getting really close though. Thanks for the advice GPA. The photo below looks like its there. The trouble is the light stuff looks much brighter and whiter in the photo than it does in reality. This is set on what the camera thinks is a good exposure.

    So i need to fiddle with the lighting, eposure and background to try and get more realistic photos.

    What i've done though is deepen the shadows and tone down the highlights quite a bit. I also added a bit of turquoise as a glaze. Its ahd several layers of that between other coats. Looking at what the camera saw (which is pretty close to what I am after) I need to carefully raise the highlights again but not to far toward white and then ad some white specular highlights and lighten the edges and the top of the ridges between blade sections. But I think another couple of hours on it and I'll have it sorted. Any more advice or criticism would be most welcome.

    As for the rest of him. No progress so far. I haven't been able to do much for the last week due to work and other RL issues. I have decided I really don't like the green in the armour and I'm going to take it more toward blue. The parts I've done in Black Red so far are what I'll tackle next i a going to brinhg them up to nie rich red with a litle brown in it.



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    Yeh man, the added contrast (and colour) realy have made a huge differance.
    I would be tempted to take the darkest parts even darker and on the lightest points just add the glare spots (you can always soften the glare spots with off white glazes afterwards)

    sweet work though

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    Wow, I've been away for a while. Is this still the same batch of Wolfen that went out?

    I see some non-wolfen going around. Great work from one and all.

    WARNING: Painting all of your miniatures may lead to death.

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    Default Starting

    I did get my minis today!
    And I already have a concept how to make my Wolfen mini.
    Here's my Flash Eater Idea:
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    I've changed a mini a little bit. That becouse i've found it to look better in more dynamic pose. Here's what I've made.

    As you can see I've fixed sword (it came broken).
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    Default Minis Received

    Got the minis yesterday and am currently cleaning up the mold lines on the Wulfen. I've also had to spend some time repairing the tail as it has been snapped off during shipping. Expect a progress photo soon.

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    can someone quickly explain to me how to post pictures in this thread? it's my first time doing something like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skullz View Post
    can someone quickly explain to me how to post pictures in this thread? it's my first time doing something like this.
    put the pics into photobucket
    and then copy and paste the img link.

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    thanks, I'll give that a try.

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