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    Default Games Day Germany : Some NEWS / NOW wit golden demon pics

    As promised, i searched through the german web to bring you the first news and reports from the front

    First the big dissapointment: According to mainy visitors , it felt more like a big sales party with entry fee than a conventio: No big News , no big Surprises. this seems to be GW new policy: \"no news so the surprse is not spoiled \" - So there was nothing new to see and many seem dissapointed

    the mystery box:

    everyone was waiting for the new game / box GW announced, and that was supposed to be unveiled , but in a last minute decission Nottingham said no (!!!), canceled the presentation, and instead published a picture as a sneak peek:


    So, yeah it´s Space Hulk.

    - According to some reports GW plans to open a sister company to forgeworld that will produce resin stuff for Warhammer Fantasy

    Phill Kelly:

    Space Wolfs

    - box for 15 Space wolfs with 33 variant heads, most of them without helmet , and , quote \"an uncountable amount of insignia, seals ect...\"

    - the new codex weill center arround powerfull heroes and their sagas. Expect an armoury full of powerfull stuff and skills that are extremely expensive. Expensive enough, it seems, to play armies with only 25 Marines, even so he warned that those armies would be too fragile

    - an new SM Tank between Land Raider and Predator? \"funny internet rumours\"

    some impression ( just scroll down, and beware, the site can be a bit slow, if you get a german error report, just reload )


    SPACE WOLFS and philm Kelly with his provate orcs

    Golden Demon

    well i have found no pictures, but apparently Team Spain won 8 Demons - congratulation guys :beer:

    pictures come tomorrow

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    lot´s of Pictures!

    some new orky goodness ( new wheels ) ,golden demon contributions and more


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    Reaper Sophie bits used??

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    Originally posted by alextheartist
    Reaper Sophie bits used??
    OH! I was so waiting for somebody to make this. This is a scene from the opening movie of the Warhammer online Age of Reckoning very recognizable :)

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    Although I only managed to drop by for an hour or two I took a few pictures:

    Slayer Sword went to Diorama again - congratulations derwish!!!

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    Nice stuff there.

    Not happy about this entry, as I have something similar sitting on my painting table. was going to be for GD UK this year, but it will just look like I copied now :(

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    Originally posted by alextheartist
    Reaper Sophie bits used??

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    atacam, i have done pretty mush the same thing as you :(:P

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    Yes, that\'s the sword winner.

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    Message original : alextheartist
    Reaper Sophie bits used??
    Euh... no! :innocent:


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    Originally posted by atacam
    Nice stuff there.

    damn thats one badass elf! the only badass elf maybe...

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    Originally posted by skiv
    Message original : alextheartist
    Reaper Sophie bits used??
    Euh... no! :innocent:

    Yeah, that\'s what I thought... It\'s not even nearly the same scale as the Reaper Sophie I assume his thinking of.

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    Originally posted by nick232
    Sword Winner??

    Yes, that\'s the Sword Winner. Impossible to get good pictures inside the cabinet, but it really looks awesome in real life. The attention to detail is fantastic.

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    does anyone know who did the saurus on dark elf cold one squad conversion?


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    Saw some information about those on ozpainters.


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    Well being the one who posted them on Oz painters, I guess I should post them up here aswell.

    I just found them on the French Forum, \"Mini Créateurs\".

    They are done by a guy called \"Skiv\"

    here is the link:

    Saurs on Coldones

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    Skiv also did the >> Bronze winner in Fantasy Single << iirc. Usually I am not a huge fan of Lizardmen stuff, but the Skink and the Coldones were awesome.

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    Mahon posted a lot of high quality pictures on The chest of colors in this thread

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