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    Default Matt's WIP 2.0

    No more Bretonnians, but lots of other stuff for your viewing pleasure.

    First up I have my Empire army that I have been working on here and there. Just a tabletop quality army. That last picture of the bunch shows the big box filled with the rest of the stuff I have ready for paint. Not pictured are a few more heroes, 30 metal greatswords and 80 or so more state troops I still need to build.

    I noticed Mousekiller has started an Empire WIP that\'s the same color scheme. Should be awesome seeing the two armies come together!

    Next up is a sample Salamander Marine I did for a potential client (The same one jah did his Salamander for. Not sure who got the job. Was it you, jah?)

    Next is a Stegadon awaiting some Skink crewmen. This is for my Lizardmen fun army that features 7 stegadons :D

    The same gentleman who commissioned me to paint the huge Bretonnian army has recently shipped me some more figures to finish off his Space Marine army which I painted for him a couple years ago. You can see the army in my CMON gallery. Here\'s a shot of one of the marines I painted for him back in 2007:

    And here\'s some of the models I will be building over the next few days:

    Anyhoo, thanks for following!

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    Matt, do you ever sleep.....or do anything else ?

    Or..... have you cranked out 4 or 5 clones and have them chained up in your well-lit and ventilated dungeon ?

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    I really enjoyed following your Brettonian WIP, so needless to say that I am really looking forward to following this one as well.

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    Originally posted by cfwheeler58
    Matt, do you ever sleep.....or do anything else ?

    Or..... have you cranked out 4 or 5 clones and have them chained up in your well-lit and ventilated dungeon ?
    Not really lol Occasionally I find the time to go to the local Irish pub or some place to keep from being a social misfit, but usually school and painting keep a tight leash on me! :D

    Forgot I still had these pictures on my computer. This is a War of the Ring army I painted a couple months ago for a local client. He wanted them to be very basic to keep the cost low. Took about a week from start to finish.

    Cheers guys. More updates to come this week, as it\'s my last week of summer before classes begin again.


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    hey matt...

    you\'re a machine, man...
    i would go crazy paintin\' so many similair models...

    i\'m lookin\' forward to seein\' the stegadon done..

    by the way, i didn\'t get the job for the sallies...
    i got way underbid, and then the painter realized the job wasn\'t worth it...
    everything kinda went into limbo from there...

    right now i work for Dragonblood minis, so i\'m not too disappointed...

    keep up the good work, brother...


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    It\'s been a while, hasn\'t it?

    Been real busy with school (making myself keep straight A\'s) so I can\'t paint as much as I\'d like, but I still have a good deal of an update...

    First up is a small Nurgle warband I painted up (really quickly) for a Path To Glory campaign a couple months ago. I used it as an excuse to test out an army color scheme. Maybe some day I\'ll have enough time to paint an army of my own.

    Then there\'s a High Elf I converted and painted for a local customer. Stayed up all night finishing his stuff so he could use it in a tournament, and the Dullcote decided to frost on everything! So this is the second time this guy\'s been painted. Still got to repaint a Tyrion. Thankfully the Dragon Princes turned out ok and don\'t need to get stripped.

    Then we have some of the yellow marines. A drop pod and some scouts. Got 3 more drop pods just about finished. That\'s a tough kit to build. Getting the pieces to match up after painting is a royal pain in the arse.

    Thanks for following. Until next time, happy painting!


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    How many minis are you painting?! You\'re the quickest good painter I\'ve ever seen. You must do an average of the minis you paint in an hour.

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    whats the yellow on the scouts?
    darksun-bad moon- white?

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    Its all great stuff Matt :D
    Cant believe you can paint so fast and so good! You are an inspiration :)

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    Straight A\'s, multiple army commissions plus your own fun army! Wow, I can feel myself panicing at the thought of opening a box to see 4 Drop Pods & all those other bits to get painted in any time period measured in less than decades lol I really like the Nurgle Warband, a great example of effective army painting, the red spot colour works brilliantly :beer: B.

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    Cheers guys

    You\'re correct about that yellow, mud duck.
    -Iyanden Darksun
    -Shade foundation orange (forgot the name)
    -Re-highlight Darksun
    -Darksun + Bad Moon Yellow+ white
    -Previous mix + more Bad Moon and white.

    As far as the speed goes, got the High Elf guy done in about 2 hours. Nurgle stuff was done in a weekend. 10 Scouts done mostly over a weekend (few minutes here and there during the week as school allowed it. Probably around 10-12 hours for the whole squad of 10). Drop pod around the same.

    Thanks for following, everyone. Coming up next are 3 more drop pods, some tactical marines, Tyrion, and a couple competition quality dreadnoughts!

    There\'s also a Space Wolf army in the works for a new customer, though that won\'t really be started until the yellow guys are done with.

    Take care,


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    i\'ve said it before, and i\'ll say it again...
    you\'re a machine, matt...

    i\'m lookin\' forward to seein\' the top-quality dreadnoughts...

    keep it up...


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    Got a quick update for this thread.

    I need to crop a few more images and post them. Probably tomorrow. It's of a tactical squad and some other things for the Imperial Dragon army. Look forward to a lot more of these guys real soon.

    This is a test figure for a Space Wolf army that I will be working on once the Dragon army is done. Can't wait!

    Thanks for following!


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    You're a machine Matt!

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    Fantastic work again Matt! Can't believe how you can churn out so much stuff to be honest :s

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    Cheers guys

    Here's a few shots of a tactical squad for the Imperial Dragon army:

    And some of the High Elves that I just got around to posting on my photobucket:

    Still have to filter through some more pictures. If only I had more time...

    Should have a squad of terminators done in the next day or two. Stay tuned!

    Thanks for following-

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    Nice crisp vivid paint jobs these two armies are going to look very nice on a table top.

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    Hi, very impressive paintjobs! I'm looking forward to see the Space Wolves!

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    Finally have another update. School has kept me from checking forums but I have still been painting as much as usual. I've gotten all of the Imperial Dragons painted up. Couple of fuzzy pictures though... (lighting was terrible when I took the pictures).

    I also started painting up some of my new Skaven army (a few minutes here and there, as I can spare it).

    I've got a couple competition quality Salamander dreadnoughts that should be posted in the next few days, then it's full steam on the Space Wolves!

    Thanks for following,

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    love them!
    Quote Originally Posted by TrystanGST View Post
    The secret? Practice, and a desire to get better. A little talent goes a long way, but as long as you're open to advice, you can do amazing things.

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