dark or bright minis??
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Thread: dark or bright minis??

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    Default dark or bright minis??

    what do you prefeer: dark minis, like 40k athmosphere? or brigthly like rackam\'s ones..
    I prefeer dark minis..because I have my mind flying into the disform space.....

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    Depends upon what I\'m painting actually. My Battletech minis are painted like Von Richtoffen\'s Flying Circus, my fantasy minis are generally in standard earth type tones or other colors (as long as I can find a reference for the paint job), my WWII stuff is done in proper colors and so forth.

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    To an extent it depends on the subject, but I tend to go for a more realistic feel to my Rackham models, especially in terms of the wolfen fur colours.

    As for GW I also go for colour schemes that tend to exist in nature- my lizardmen are based on various lizards and amphibians that live in the tropics.



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    I definitely prefer faded, washed-out, worn, travelled whatever word you call it colors on my minis. The miniatures I paint are warriors, adventurers, etc. ... they are battle-tested and battle-worn. Their clothes should not look like they just stepped out of a drycleaners.

    And, then there\'s the hot-not-clothed babes ... I don\'t have to worry about clothing colors then.

    Maybe that explains why my top rated minis are mostly nude ... its a message from the world that I should quit painting clothes????


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