Hi all, I hope you are well. I am just wondering why CMON requires all these cookies to enable me to login to the site:

coolminiornot.com (this one speaks for itself really)

I appreciate this might be due to web hosting policies or licenses but is it really necessary? I try to browse the web with cookies disabled except for exceptions that I trust - in a (perhaps vain) effort to increase browsing security. I have noticed that some anti-spyware software (such as Spybot Search & destroy - I think it was that one) recognises these cookies as tracking cookies, and recommends removal of them...

How did I test this?

I removed all cookies from my browser. I then proceeded to the CMON website ONLY and tried to log in. With cookies enabled, I then viewed the cookies and that\'s the list I got. Now, I am not saying anything negative about CMON nor do i think that these cookies are malicious, but I just wondered why so many are needed before I can login, and was hoping someone with more knowledge on this could let me know. Thanks!