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    Really excited to have just finished painting our second mini. Sculpted by Kev White.

    Hope you like him.

    If you like him lots and want to paint him you can buy him here;)

    votey thing

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    Brilliant! Only thing that detracts for me is the inside of the cloak.

    Much prefer this figure as well - esp. the helmeted head. Can\'t go wrong with a bit of Kev :)

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    Amazing paint, unsuprisingly :) You guys are going to have a top quality range of figures with this pair as the kick off. The helmeted head is the version for me & I really like the Narwhal tusk sword. Oh & of course the Dragon on the cloak is bleedin\' amazing. Thanks for sharing, B.

    Oh, & thanks for the step by step tute on your blog, given me some new ideas for approaches to painting flesh :beer:

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    I\'m doing the last part to the step by step raven priest this week and then it\'s on to step by step Broga.

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    I\'m not sure about the weapon, and I don\'t like the shield, but I really like the main figure. I will likely pick one up and try my hand at a conversion. Great job on the painting. :)

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    It occurs to me that what with the Dragon scale shield & loin armour, plus the belt buckle & cloak that the sword could be a Dragon horn rather than Narwhal :redface: Makes a bit more sense lol B.

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    Well at least you had a clue what is was, I was just scratching my head. I like the helmet and sheild, but would probably do a weapon swap, I\'d have to see it in the flesh.

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    That\'s pretty damn nice :) quite liking the choice of two heads as well :)

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    I really like that second head choice. Very sinister!

    Great mini, all around!

    That Kev guy knows how to sculpt. He should do that for a living.

    That fluffy gal knows how to paint as

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    i quite like the helmetted head

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