Ok, after following Mousekiller\'s 500pt forces, and being quite inspired by them..I decided i\'d take a whack at the whole small army idea.

Here\'s the list:

[Lance, Enchanted Shield] *74pts

Battle Standard Bearer-Paladin
[Errantry Banner] *80pts

Knights of the Realm (5)
[Full Command] *144pts

Knights Errant(5)
[Full Command] *121pts

Peasant Bowmen(10)
[Skirmish,Musician,Villein] *80pts


The army is going to have the theme of the movie \"Kingdom of Heaven\". The General/BSB will be in the same style as the army of Jerusalem:

The Peasant Bowmen will also be tied into this theme with bits of the same blue cloth added throughout.
The Knights Errant will be painted in the same style as the Templar Knights, and the Knights of the Realm in the style of the Knights Hospitaller.

I leave for basic training for the army on Sept 15th, so i will be trying my best to get this army done before then. I\'ll be posting some updates with photos tomorrow, as for this afternoon/tonight...well that will be spent with removing mold lines, filling gaps, and assembling the troops!