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    Default The Sticky Thread: Links to Tips, Threads & Tutorials.

    This thread gathers links to articles, tips and inspirations for our hobby. I have structured it around all the different steps in making a miniature and will thus naturally start with materials, go through the different stages of choosing converting a miniature, painting it and then photograph and post process the images. You can at any time post suggestions for new links to be included in this thread in the \"submit links\" sticky thread. I have included some link to articles in the article section of this site, but there are many more there of great interest, so go have a look! Now! :)

    Thread layout:
    1. Inspiration
    2. Materials and prepping
    3. Sculpting
    4. Colour, value and light
    5. Technique
    6. Basing, groundwork
    7. Extensive step by steps
    8. Photography

    You can search the contents of this thread by using the built in search function in your browser, in Windows also accessible through hitting Ctrl and F and in Mac OSX the equivalent command and F.

    I want to extend a collective thank you to the users that have posted links, especially Einion that sorted out a long list of very useful threads from this forum! Finally, of course, a big THANK YOU to all you who have posted tutorials and contributed to discussions on the various topics

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    Default 1. Inspiration

    A collection of general art and stock images sites as well as threads in different forums that can give inspiration and ideas for the creative aspect of painting or sculpting a miniature.

    CMON - Best place ever! CMON basics 1 and 2. ..and more on posting images here

    Demon Winner, the unofficial Golden Demon website - An almost complete list of previous Golden Demon winners with many photos.

    The Stuff of Legends - Reference for fantasy and science fiction miniatures as well as great event coverages with lots of photographs

    deviantART - A very large general art community/gallery with lots of user submitted content including tutorials and stock images. - Another very large general art community with galleries and forums including sketchbooks and daily community activities.

    PhotographersDirect - Lots and lots of stock images

    CG Textures - Stockimages, especially good for textures.

    Concept Art 101 by Seedling ( - Very inspiring and helpful thread on drawing concept art. - A growing resource for poses, 360 degree views available which makes it an amazing tool for sculptors.

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    Default 2. Materials and prepping

    Links to threads and discussions on the topic of selecting tools, brushes, paints and primers as well as tips and tutorials on preparing your miniature before painting, including basic conversions and stripping miniatures of old paint.

    Tips & Tutorials:

    Miniatures 101 by Dead Dogg (Brusthralls - Lots of really nice tutorials on this site)
    Soft Tissues for Hobby Painters by Terarin (Must read on posture while painting by Brushthralls)
    Paintbrush Selection and Care by Bobby Wong
    Choosing & Using Brushes by Jen Haley
    Building a cheap and simple miniature carrying case by Mosch
    Making Army Transport Trays for Storing Figures by Meleker
    Converting Miniatures By Anthony Karl Erdelji
    Basic Conversions by Cyril
    Pinning by Anthony Karl Erdelji
    Joint Pinning Made Easy by Jester
    Fantasy painting guide : 01 - Material and miniature preparation by Manumilitari (TeamToulouse Création)
    Prepping video by Anakron
    Recipe for Cream-Filled Cyclops by Chrispy
    Custom Flags Made Easy by NGArtStudios
    Making Plastic Banners by imperialforge
    How To: Battle Damage by Sukigod (Carving and drilling in plastics)
    Primer Test (Tests a number of white primers, really usuable, one thing to keep in mind though is that they may vary between countries, the GW white primer has a better reputation in Europe for example) - Broken if anyone finds it somewhere else drop the link in the submit links thread.
    Basics of white Primer by Dead Dogg (Brushthralls)
    The Miniature Painter\'s Paint Database - Matching colours from different brands 1
    Color shades 1.0 - Matching colours from different brands 2
    Making WIP Figure Mounts by rorulmesp
    Create a cheap Wet Palette by majortusk
    Custom Wet Pallets - Quick and Simple by Scspieker
    Stackable Wet Palette by Gin1906
    Stripping with Klean-Strip by Otter
    Removing Paint by by Specialist Blank Dave (dr Faust\'s painting clinic)
    The Paint Removal Experiment by Specialist Blank Dave
    Ever Insane\'s Paint Stripping by Assistant Doc Haywire
    Stripping Plastic by Sillyface


    Basics, cleanup & equipment
    Prep time
    To Pin or not to Pin, that is the question (re: Molochs)
    Dremel question
    Craft Knives
    OCD & mold lines
    Hobby drill?
    Mould lines
    Essential Kit
    What do you use to hold your minis?
    Need resources to take it to the next level.
    Which hand drill is the best
    Strengthening a joint without pinning
    Unsculpting - How Best to Get Rid of Extras
    Removing integrated bases
    Cleaning mould lines on plastic models !
    Filling gaps/joints in minis: a question
    holding on to a mini
    New GW Tools + Kit
    Do You File\\Sand every surface of your mini?
    Equipment Advice Please
    Needle files
    How to cut yourself shaving......................
    Extra Super Important Vital Earth Shattering Question about Mold Lines
    Dremel Polishing Pins
    Trimming advice
    Filing Minis
    new to painting miniatures, need some advice on things i need...please
    Cutting, filing, etc.
    Airbrush basics in the UK
    I bought an airbrush - phase 2 begins

    Brushes - brands, care & maintenance
    Intermediate brushes...
    Cleaning brushes
    Raphael 8408?
    W&N Series 7 - Bad Batch?
    Brush cleaner?
    What brush?
    Brush for freehand?
    new brush woes
    Quest for the Holy Brush!
    Brushes for metallics
    Flat Brushes
    W&N vs. Vallejo Brushes: Deathmatch
    caring for brushes
    Curly brushes - what am I doing wrong?

    Priming, primers
    Is primer that important?
    Paint Coverage Question
    Paint Rubbing Off Metal
    Spray Problems
    balck prime for light colours
    Chaos Black rubs off
    prime in black or white
    another model F*&ked...anyone recommend a good spray primer??

    Paint brands
    What Paints to use??
    Best Paints in your honest opinion
    Paints and Paintbrushes
    Reaper paint
    Paint ranges. suggestions please
    citadel, p3, vmc, vgc. . . .?
    Simple paint question.
    What are the hands down, no questions, best paints out there in your oppinion?
    A question on paint types
    Whats the best paint?
    The Zen of Paint Brands
    Oil Paint starters (planetFigure)

    Stripping paint, reviving paint
    Stripping Metal Models
    Stripping paint from a ton of models!
    Piant stripping putty
    Experiments in stripping
    Today I have mainly been........ Stripping paint.
    Take it All Off
    Stripping Paint from Resin?
    Stripping paint: need help
    stripping plastic models
    Is there any way to strip plastic models?
    Stripping paint without harming GS...
    Stripping Paint
    Nail Polish Remover
    Stripping Resin
    About Stripping
    Stripping GW paint and GW primer
    Stripping painted miniatures
    Stripping Paint off plastics
    Removing acrylics?
    Dried Out Paints. Is There A Good Way To Restore Them??
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    Default 3. Sculpting

    This part covers all aspects of sculpting miniatures. Selection of tools and putties, tutorials on technique and anatomy.

    Tips & Tutorials:

    Information about scales etc. from Wikipedia
    Sculpting 101 by Terarin (Brushthralls)
    Sculpting 102: Fixing Joints by Terarin
    The Ten Commandments of epoxy putty by Silverthorn (The comments are a must-read as well)
    Sculpting Miniatures by Christian Ellegaard (basics)
    My first complete sculpt by DaN
    Sculpting step by step, VIP9 space pirate by Minimaker
    Sculpting tutorial of a knight in 35mm by Gael
    "YES! IT IS EASY TO SCULPT A MONSTER!" by Jacques-Alexandre Gillois
    "HEAD OF A WHAT?" by Jacques-Alexandre Gillois (sculpting a monster head)
    Tutorials by Cyril Abati (in french)
    Wire armatures - very easy really! by Heresy Miniatures
    Sculpting alien skin - tutorial by Navarro (Chest of Colors)
    Sculpting crab legs - tutorial by Navarro (Chest of Colors
    Step by step sculpting a face by Joaquín \"Freeman\" Palacios (Spanish Team forum - in spanish)
    Sculpting by Andy Bergholtz
    Sculpting by
    Sculpting Salamander Space Marine Shoulder Pads by Artimis Vergadin
    Green Stuff Black Templar style robes by Marshal Barbarossa
    Agrandir un terminator by Fullrepent (in french - enlarging a terminator)
    Ogre Kingdoms Bull- Samurai Conversion by Hatewall - Not really sculpting but an insanely cool tutorial using sheet metal.


    Sculpting tools
    Clayshapers - are they worth it?
    sculpting tool
    Metal sculpting tools
    the handy little hints thread
    GW tools a good investment?
    clay shapers
    Sculpting Tool Maintainence
    Hot doggie it works VERY WELL
    Unorthodox tools
    Non stick sculpting tools??
    what average tools can you use for sculpting?

    Sculpting techniques & methods, brands/types
    Bulk sculpting materials?
    p3 putty?
    green stuff problems
    3rd world guy needs help
    Sculpting material?
    Newbie Sculpting Question
    Green Stuff / Milliput Mix
    Two-part putty, protecting hands
    MIlliput problems
    Working with Super sculpey
    general question about sculpting tools
    I need help using Green Stuff
    Smoothing GS
    My first ever sculpt (wip)- Advice needed!
    Epoxy putty vs health risks
    milliput question
    Sculpting putty question: Magic Sculp vs ProCreate
    how to sculpt muscle
    Green Stuff: Increase Curing Speed
    milliput and green stuff??
    Metal Armitures for sculpting
    GS/Duro/Kneadatite - 2:1 yellow to blue
    sculpting tips
    does any1 know how to use green stuff
    Intro to Sculpting
    what puttys to use?
    Milliput, just bought some!!
    A question for the resident sculptors
    Green Stuff vs The Hair Dryer
    How to sculpt machines?
    sculpting weapons for mini\'s
    Harder than green stuff?
    Sculpting material discussion (with photo example)
    Sculpting question
    How to sculpt weapons/blades?
    How to decapitate a model (i always make a big mess)
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    Default 4. Colour, value and light

    About getting the miniature to come to life through the use of colours, highlighting, midtones and shadows. Also the imitation of a lightsource and how light works on different textures like metals and cloth. Articles with reference photos included.

    Tips & Tutorials:

    Colour theory by Winsor & Newton
    The Mystic Color Theory by Chrispy
    Color theory 101 by Dead dogg
    Color theory 102 by Dead dogg
    The theory of colours and its application to miniatures painting by Manumilitari (TeamToulouse Création)
    Miniature Color with Adobe Kuler by Miniaturementor
    PSG Art tutorial - General Art tutorial, deals with all aspects of drawing and painting
    Value: An Exercise in Monochromaticism by angus147258
    Light Cage - great help when trying out different lightsources. Example on a human torso.
    Fantasy painting guide. 03 – Higlighting and Shadowing by Manumilitari (TeamToulouse Création) - Includes some information of the technical aspects as well
    When Yarry meets Jermie and Dani by Jérémie Bonamant Teboul (Bragon) - brief intro on zenithal (or overhead lighting) as well as lateral lighting. Also in the sbs section.
    Painting Lighting Effects by Victoria
    OSL by Shawn R. L.
    Reference photos of Knights for NMM and Sculptors by Queenoftheunifrogs (Outdoors)
    Some pictures to use as a resource by Dragonsreach (Indoors)
    Reference Material from The Royal Ontario Museum by Gilvan Blight


    3-D lightning?
    Some thoughts about contrast
    Perfect light - discussion on how different lighting affect the look of painted miniatures
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    Default 5. Technique

    Everything about the technical aspects of painting as well as how people have achieved things like freehand, weathering, gems and woodgrain.

    Tips & Tutorials:

    General Info about Paints, Thinning, and Brush Control by Jenova (more good beginner and intermediary level tutorials on this site)
    Highlighting and Shading by Anthony Karl Erdelji
    Miniatures 102 — Shading & highlighting by misterfinn (Brushthralls)
    fantasy painting guide : 02 – Applying base colours by Manumilitari (TeamToulouse Création)
    Speed Painting, Part 1 by ArkenTyre (Brushthralls)
    Drybrushing By Anthony Karl Erdelji
    Painting with Inks by
    Skeletons 101 by steelcult
    Speed Painted Orks by Lemmingspawn

    Blending, glazes, additives, airbrushing & oils:
    Painting figures with Model Color by Mario Fuentes
    Blending by Jens (Brushthralls)
    Blending through translucency - using ‘juices’ by Automaton
    Tutorial - Blending without Mixing by EricJ
    Feathering by Margo
    Blending tutorial by masterseck (wetblending)
    Using Glazes and Underpainting by Valander
    Additives, Glazes, and Smoke, Oh My! by Misterfinn (Brushthralls)
    Airbrushing Basics by Chrispy
    Various tutorials on painting with oils by Aces of Iron Productions

    Mastering difficult colours
    Painting black by Jacob Nielsen
    Painting Black by Misterfinn (Brushthralls)
    Painting White by Misterfinn (Brushthralls)

    Fantasy painting guide. 04 – Painting metal effects by Manumilitari(TeamToulouse Création)
    Painting Metallics by By Anthony Karl Erdelji
    Painting Metallics by Avicenna
    Painting armies with metallics - by Szary (Chest of Colors)
    True Metallics with Citadel Washes by Matt Sterbenz
    Metals by Automaton Mirror on Cmon
    How to paint metallic! by akaranseth
    Sponged Metal Tutorial by Serpent_Six (Brushthralls)
    Polishing Metal By Anthony Karl Erdelji
    Polishing instead of Painting metal (ie \"Real Metal\") by manu

    Non Metallic Metal
    My Thoughts on NMM... by Chrispy
    NMM by Cyril Abati
    NMM Basics by Vincent Hudon
    NNM made easy by Canopicdoll
    Trick to realise easy NMM by ansquer
    Sky-Earth NMM by Honza
    Hawks58 SENMM by Panza
    Reflecting on SENMM by Chrispy
    How to paint nmm bashed up metal by Shawn R.L.
    Colours for non metallic metals by TH Miniatures (Thierry Husser)
    Colours for NMM by Aegidius
    NMM bronze and you by xMANIGHTx
    NMM Copper Tutorial by Baz

    Oxidation, rust, weathering & battle dammage:
    Verdigris by Blackfly
    Metallic oxydiation, weathering and the like by daemon boy - Verdigris
    Metal Oxydation by Allan Carrasco
    The Secrets of Pigments by Mig Jimenez
    Rust weathering tutorial (with MIG pigments)
    Salt to Taste - Battle Damage II by ArkenTyre (Brushthralls)
    Painting Freehand Notches by Klute
    Glowing Eyes by Cyril (Underpainting and scratches as well)
    Rust by Illusionrip (Chest of Colors) - Weathering, scratches and rust

    Effects (More OSL under post no 4.):
    Painting fire by Hot Lead
    Playing With Fire by ArkenTyre (Brushthralls)
    Painting Precious Stones by Chrispy
    Complex Gems by ZaPhOd
    Painting Blood by Allan Carrasco
    And now something about BLOOD! - by CUKIERas (Chest of Colors)
    Painting Fluffy Wolfen by kittykat23uk
    Blending earthtones and creating a mudd effect by Kaple
    Nurgle Armor by Aliengod3
    Winter Camouflage Made Easy by misterfinn (Brushthralls)
    Doing a Force Sword in 0.1 sec by Tony Manero
    Wet T- Shirts and Other Sheer Clothing by Chrispy

    Flesh, skin and faces
    Painting Muscles by Aditu
    Drune steed\'s skin - by Ana (Chest of Colors)
    How I painted the wing of my Demon Prince of Nurgle - by Ana
    Painting flesh By Anthony Karl Erdelji
    Ethnic Skintones by Chrispy
    Show Me Some Skin by misterfinn (Brushthralls)
    The Master of Carnage (skin) by Haekel & Jaeckel (first pictures are wrong at the moment.)
    Painting skin - Demon_Color\'s way... (Chest of Colors)
    Non-Human Skin by Althai (Brushthralls)
    Painting a Face by Jaume Ortiz
    Painting Faces by Jen Haley
    Faces with Expressions (Part 1) by Dragonsreach
    Faces with Expressions (Part 2) by Dragonsreach
    Painting faces - by Morsi (Chest of Colors)
    Unshaved beard by Allan Carrasco
    Painting eyes by Marike Reimer
    Bette Davis Eyes: Basic Steps to Bold Eyes by Darin Hlavaz
    Painting Tatoos by Jenova
    How to Paint Bruises by lizcam

    Taming the Tartan by ArkenTyre (Brushthralls)
    How to paint a scottish tartan by Sven Wichert
    Freehand Detail by Jen Haley
    Short tutorial : stencil badge by Dim69 (TeamToulouse Création)
    Lettering Basics by Chrispy
    Painting Checker Patterns by JesterzUSMC
    Wood Grain 101 by Terarin
    Painting woodgrain on a smooth surface by mickc22
    Painting power weapons - by Wraithlord (Chest of Colors)


    Painting techniques & methods
    My first mini ever! - lots of great tips for beginners
    Paint Flow
    wet blending
    Any tips on painting a 1/6 scale figurine?
    Ten Commandments of painting....
    A fast tutorial, glazing for TT miniatures!
    How to paint vehicle weathering?
    Hair dryers **8 now with a link to a brillinat tutorial i didnt write**
    How to Blend Acrylic Paints
    What IS blending?
    Beginer questions... =)
    How do you use Future, and Gloss Medium
    Painting Preferences
    Layering vs. Wet Blending
    Which way to paint when you blend?
    Painting with \"juices\"
    Trying to paint seriously.
    Help with washes!
    acrylic flow release
    Brushes: To Lick or not to Lick?
    Mixing paint from pots accurately
    Feathering? (Argghh!!!)
    Layering breakthrough
    Wet Blending
    Wet Blending vs. Layering
    Age-old Problem: Layering!!!
    P3 paint demo & question about technique
    Discussion - how to paint super smooth? Glazing for base coats?
    Chalky Painting!
    Switching BACK to GW paints...
    Those Unwanted Streaks!
    Wet or dry blending for nmm?
    Wet blending - HELP?
    Help with masterclass painting
    Some questions about painting to the high quality painters...
    Blending at a nutter level
    Struggling with Metallics
    Let\'s Debate on Drybrushing
    using metallic paint
    Feathering troubles
    \"consistency like cream\" what does that mean exactly?
    Sum help on Blending Plz
    Need Brush strokes advice
    Your best paintjob requires...
    Need help learning to blend....
    You buggers were right!!!
    What sort of \'blending\' do you guys like even if you cant do it?
    Layering Dilution
    With metallics, I less layers = better?
    How do YOU blend?
    Highlighting VS. Drybrushing
    Speed tips.
    How to define the horizontal line on NMM?
    Blending - Pro\'s please tell your secrets!!!
    Blending - How to, really
    Painting more realistically
    New to oils (planetFigure)
    Two new harlequins - A bit further down in the thread there is information how Razza painted two harlequins, including tips on checker patterns.
    Sigvald the Magnificent (with added tutorial) - Tutorial on NMM by Razza on the second page.
    ARWEN_silver germany 06 and small tutorial about use o colours - by Banshee
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    Default 6. Basing, groundwork

    Tips and ideas for creating bases, plinths and groundwork including snow- and watereffects.

    Tips & Tutorials:

    MiniWarGaming Warhammer Bases: The Basics - the very basic stuff (video tut)
    Basing Your Miniatures by Anthony Karl Erdelji
    Base work-101 by Dragon Forge Design
    Basic Basing + by ilynx2k4
    Basing Miniatures (
    Easy Desert Bases by pez5767
    Hordes Basing: From The Ground Up by ArkenTyre (Brushthralls)
    Cork Bases (part 1) and 2 - by
    Make Bases like Rackham by Koradhil
    Autumn bases - by Jaycan (Chest of Colors)
    Water Bases by Serpent_Six (Brushthralls)
    Goblins of the Carribeans (base) by Haekel & Jaeckel
    Japanese Goblin Base by Haekel & Jaeckel
    Display Base - Cliff with bridge and water by Prawnpower
    Artificial water by Andrea Miniatures (video tutorial)
    How to use Andrea artificial water in a vignette by Andrea Miniatures(video tutorial)
    How to make water effect using resin! by akaranseth
    Sculpting an Elven sentry post by Wappellious
    LOTR White Tree of Gondor Diorama by Wappellious
    Diorama Flowers by Steven Maes
    Simple dipped flowers for scenic bases by lizcam
    Paper butterflies/moths by Rocketandroll
    Raiding the Spice Rack by Chrispy
    Bubbling Lava Base by wrestlerguy21
    Hot Lava Bases by Klute
    How to make nice snow bases by NWMP
    Simple Slate by Temperance
    Building Industrial Bases by jgw1
    Making Urban Bases by ikim
    How to make über-realistic BARBED WIRE by Dominus Ex Machina
    How to make Double Twist barbed wire by Mickc22
    Making Wood Grain by Ogrebane(carving)
    A Quick Column by PegaZus
    Step by Step - Brick Wall in plaster by akaranseth
    Step by Step - How to paint a brick wall in plaster! by akaranseth
    Cork Walls by miniDrake
    Cork Rocks and Ooze by JakeSh
    Hybrid Base by Black Farmer
    Crystal Creation by snapple
    Making a sci-fi Marble Base by The-Duke (only sculpting)
    Marble bases - by Ana (Chest of Colors)
    Texturing Granite by Hot Lead
    Texturing Wood by Hot Lead
    Texturing Marble by Hot Lead
    Creating a Huge 3 inch base for RPG use by Temperance
    Making Movement/Display Trays by imperialforge
    Making a diorama for a clear display case by XeO3


    A few questions about basing
    Suppliers for Plinths and name plates
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    Default 7. Step by steps

    More extensive step by steps in creating an entire figure, diorama or terrain. Also links to some sites that carry tutorials

    Painting and Modelling Articles by Games Workshop
    Vallejo blog that links to some great articles and videos on painting
    Tutorials on miniatures by Doctor Faust\'s Painting Clinic (mainly by Anthony Karl Erdelji)
    Aragorn - step by step by Bakalla
    Painting Tabletop Quality Rank and File Models by highpaladn
    Painting Tabletop Quality High Elves by highpaladn
    How to paint Night Goblins by Kebabi
    Easterling Painting Guide by Keyser Soze
    Painting High Elves (LotR) by Keyser Soze
    Dark elf spearmen
    LOTR Last Alliance Elf by tidoco2222
    Warrior of Minas Tirith for LOTR by tidoco2222
    Painting My Way by Qiao-Zhong
    And I Did It My Way: 2nd Place GD/US2001 Winner - Forge World Abaddon by Jason Richards
    Magmatrax Tutorial by Vincent Hudon
    Tutorials and articles by Liliana Troy
    Tutorials by Jérémie Bonamant Teboul (Bragon)
    Site of Sebastian Archer (Automaton) - He often adds small write-ups and tips on his miniatures
    Shadow of the past by Jérémie Bonamant Teboul
    When Yarry meets Jermie and Dani by Jérémie Bonamant Teboul
    Lathiem Oak Leaf by Rémy Tremblay (PDF) (In French)
    Tutorials by Minos (in French)
    A number of tutorials on technique but also other aspects of the hobby by Jacob Nieslen
    Tutorials by Cyril Abati (in french)
    Tutorials by Chest of Colors users (Some linked in this thread)
    Tutorials by TeamToulouse Création
    Forest Diorama by Minos
    Peinture d'une figurine tabletop: un combattant sanctifié Helldorado by Jerome Ortremba (in french)
    Venjenss ! The goblins by Haekel & Jaeckel (in english, translated by Green Stuff, more available in french
    Kaeghir or the oil spill by Haekel & Jaeckel
    A Japanese Goblin by Haekel & Jaeckel
    Ujahu: Part I - creating the base by Automaton
    Ujahu: Part II - painting the figure by Automaton
    Space Marine WIP Part 1 by giganticdark
    Space Marine WIP Part 2 by giganticdark
    Eldar Revenant Titan from scratch by ikim
    Chaos Warrior Step-by-Step guide by Jacob Nielsen
    Wolfgangs Vampirburg (foam castle) - lots of more inspiring terrain on this site.
    Site and Diorama Articles by JBA Diorama - Some fantastic, long articles on planning, building and painting dioramas.
    Painting with Julio Cabos (Andrea Miniatures - PDF)
    How to make a Lava Themed Gaming Table by Menelker
    Creating your own Titan
    A mini-diorama: from start to finish by Tuubje
    LOTR Diorama by Sivousplay
    Hordes Kromac, Human Form SBS by Atacam
    Orc Drummer by Jagr
    The Grey Wolf by Jagr
    Twilit Skeleton Guide by emopainterguy
    Studying on my Lathiem: tone, contrasts, and oil paint by Franciuus
    Centurus Clone - step by step by Tony Manero
    Vampyr Hunter by Yannick Degiovani
    Painting a Golden Demon Flying Hive Tyrant by Menelker
    Mech pilot by Cyril Abati
    Nurgle Troll by Allan Carrasco
    Painting Ghorgor-Bey by Ana (Chest of Colors)
    Painting Space Marines Captain Lysander of Imperial Fists by Mahon (Chest of Colors)
    Step by step - Ultramarine Heavy Bolter by akaranseth
    Step by Step - Valkyrie Imperial Guard by akaranseth
    Step by Step on a K.O. Malcador tank in the ruins of Vraks by akaranseth

    Video Tutorials:
    Painting miniature Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 by
    Lots and lots of Video Tutorials on figurine-TV
    Video tutorials by kowlown (in french)
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    Default 8. Photography

    Tutorials and discussions on photographing your miniatures as well as post-processing images and creating multiviews/collages.

    Tips & Tutorials:

    Photography - the basics before you start in Photoshop by War Griffon
    Photographing minis with just one lamp by Honza
    Model Photography by dnaGRIM
    How to REALLY Take Good Photos by Pagan - Read the comments here as well as it points out some things to keep in mind.
    Making a Simple light box by Lizcam

    Post processing:
    GIMP & Photo Manipulation (The Basics) by War Griffon
    Basic picture resizing and creation of multiple views by GunjiNoKanrei (Infranview and Adobe Photoshop)
    How to Photoshop your mini pics... by Spacemunkie
    Photoshop Montages.... by Spacemunkie
    Change backgrounds in GIMP by Spacemunkie (Adobe captivate)
    Advanced gradients in Photoshop by Spacemunkie
    Photoshop CS2 HDR and Beyond by XenCade


    Photo backgrounds freebie - A selection of backgrounds for photographing miniatures done by Einion.
    What lens? (and having fun with reversed lenses)
    photo camera (there are many more discussions about choosing the right camera in the photography section of this forum but as these threads are perennial and quickly go out of date I include just one)
    Woohoo!!! new toys!
    Grey card...
    Macro lens help
    Questions about a Tripod
    Canon macro lenses
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    Ok. So I have read each and every tutorial! I have practised till my hands bled! I have photographed and post processed the images to perfection! But still my miniatures get ripped apart on pesky coolminiornot!! Who/What can I blame??

    The Answer
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