This thread gathers links to articles, tips and inspirations for our hobby. I have structured it around all the different steps in making a miniature and will thus naturally start with materials, go through the different stages of choosing converting a miniature, painting it and then photograph and post process the images. You can at any time post suggestions for new links to be included in this thread in the \"submit links\" sticky thread. I have included some link to articles in the article section of this site, but there are many more there of great interest, so go have a look! Now! :)

Thread layout:
1. Inspiration
2. Materials and prepping
3. Sculpting
4. Colour, value and light
5. Technique
6. Basing, groundwork
7. Extensive step by steps
8. Photography

You can search the contents of this thread by using the built in search function in your browser, in Windows also accessible through hitting Ctrl and F and in Mac OSX the equivalent command and F.

I want to extend a collective thank you to the users that have posted links, especially Einion that sorted out a long list of very useful threads from this forum! Finally, of course, a big THANK YOU to all you who have posted tutorials and contributed to discussions on the various topics