Does anyone think that GW should make a computer version of the tabletop battles
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Thread: Does anyone think that GW should make a computer version of the tabletop battles

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    Master Painter

    Default Does anyone think that GW should make a computer version of the tabletop battles

    Does anyone think that a game like Age of the empires 2 should be set in the 41st millenium an so then you could save alot of money on warhammer. I\'m not saying that you should stop buying warhammer I\'m just saying that it would be fun to have a computerised version of a warhammer 40K tabletop battle

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    I dont play warhammer and dont intend to , I am a fantasy buff through and through , but I dont mind playing sci-fi computer games . I remember playing something a few years back on the Amiga I think , Marines and genestealers , cant remember the name offhand , but enjoyed it . So yes I would be up for it :) but not in the Age of Empires style , something different , something akin to NWN or Halo etc

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    The upcoming Lord of the Rngs battle game based on the newest command and conquer looks awesome.Not 40k though.Im sure they are considering it after Fire Warrior.It wouldnt take much to adopt the game engine to 40k.

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    Actually, GW is creating a 40k RTS...well, not GW themselves, but a company that they released the rights to. It\'s just a simple Google search away.

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    Default WFB....

    Having never actually played 40K, but being somewhat familiar with the rules and the \"fluff\" a RTS game based on the table top would be very cool.

    I do however, own both the Warhammer Fantasy Battle computer games. The older one called \"Shadow of the Horned Rat\" (or something like that), and the less older Dark Omen. Both these games were very fun although a little graphically challenged.

    In both games, the backstory guided your battles and it was fun (although too linear).

    I had always hoped they would create a game with the option of being able to build your own army from scratch. Right down to the color selection, the banners, the characters names, so on and so forth.

    A similar game in the war torn 40K universe would be very interesting.

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    I always thought Dark Omen was great, and I\'ve been hoping they\'d make another fantasy RTS game like that (since I don\'t play the tabletop version). But a 40K version would be cool too. Too bad there aren\'t any screenshots yet.

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    Yes, I\'ve always wished for a game that can accurately depict a tabletop game of Warhammer Fantasy. Sure, you could make it another C&C or WarCraft clone, but I\'d rather see it as a perfect representation of turn-based gaming that is Warhammer.

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    Same here wyrmling_x.
    I would prefer a turn based game over RTS any time. You could adapt the tt rules much better in a turn based concept.
    My favorite GW computer game so far was Rites of War.

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    I dont think they should...knowing GW youd probably have to pay monthly subscriptions or something. Besides Age of Mythology is good enough for me right now :)

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    Best Warhammer / 40K game is still Chaos Gate. I was never impressed with any of the others.

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    Master Painter


    I will let you guys into a little secret, on the games workshop website there is a section to e-mail them your own ideas and I sent them the idea to to a RTS game.:idea::idea::idea:

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    Default Hmmm

    I can see GW making more computerized versions of their games...they\'ve certainly made a few in the past.

    What I\'m sure they\'ll never, ever do is make a turn based game that is a computerized replacement of their tabletop games.

    I\'m sure there are more than a few people that\'d love to play warhammer with gorgeous 3d models that come fully (pixel) painted and can be stored on a hard drive...and they might never buy a GW mini again!

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    GW has a 40K RTS comeing out later this year. Its \"Dawn of War\", made by THQ. There is also Fire Warrior, which I liked even though alot of people didnt.

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    Default Fire Warrior wasn\'t bad...

    I got a bit of a buzz out of it and will prolly play it through again, which is more than I can say for most games.:D

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    Actually I\'ve seen screenshots in \"Computer Game Monthly\" (or something like that). It\'s actually pretty close to Age of Empires and Dark Omen but without the story line linearness (or so I\'ve heard).

    It actually looks pretty good, but looks to be far from finished. From what I\'ve seen it\'s mostly orks (finally a 40k game with orks) and Space Marines (aren\'t they becoming a bit worn out).

    I guess I\'ll have to stick to starcraft as a 40k supplement (I\'m procrastinateing on useing my armies).

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    Originally posted by Hawks58
    GW has a 40K RTS comeing out later this year. Its \"Dawn of War\", made by THQ. There is also Fire Warrior, which I liked even though alot of people didnt.
    Incorrect. Dawn Of War is being made by Relic, the people behind the hugely successful \"Homeworld\" series, as well as the somewhat successful Impossible Creatures game. THQ is the publisher.

    Fire Warrior was terrible - Bad in-game graphics, shoddy audio effects with even worse voice acting and the story itself wasn\'t all that good. not to mention it was insanely short..

    I think we can trust Relic to do a good job with the license.. already the screenshots they showed in PC Gamer look awesome.

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    I enjoyed Chaos Gate and Final Liberation. But I didn\'t Care for Rites of War. I am looking forward to seeing this new game. I would like to see something in the way of a turn base game though and I would like it to include more than just two races.

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    My concern with a game 100% faithful to 40K rules is that it would be rather simplistic. Miniature games by nature are simple -- roll a few dice, apply damage, etc. A computer game can be so much more complex because the computer keeps track of the stats, and not the people, so you can start getting more indepth -- fatigue, morale, ammo, direction of the sun, windspeed, etc. For the game to be fun for computer gamers as well, it would need to be much more complex. (I think a 100% accurate translation would be only fun for that small group of miniature gamers and computer gamers -- a bit small of a market to aim for.)

    I do agree that a 40K storyline game would be pretty cool. A warhammer version of Battlefield 1942, for instance. :)

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    Master Painter


    Can anyone post screenshots of Dawn of War??????????

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    Originally posted by Master Painter
    Can anyone post screenshots of Dawn of War??????????
    Unfortunately, we can\'t yet. The only offical screenshots are in the Feb. 2004 issue of PC Gamer (the issue with the \"Top 10 games of 2004\" on the cover), and because of copyright issues, PC Gamer won\'t allow anyone to scan the pictures and post them online.

    However, they have released this concept art:

    So we are led to assume that the Chaos will be one of the races in the game...

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