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    If you don\'t know Mantic Games: check out my blog post here.

    In this thread I will log all painting projects which are related to Mantic Games.

    Since their first release will be Elves (being released late September) it\'s what I will be painting first!

    So I got this spearmen preview sprue in the mail last week. The pictures below include the first bit of progress: I assembled and based this 10-man unit.

    7 of the 10 figures have one poseable arm, the other 3 have a optional heads and arms. I think the figures are posed quite dynamically, and they look great when assembled in a regiment.

    The bases include sand, some rocks and twigs as tree trunks.

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    they look pretty neat.

    how multipart/posable are they?

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    Well the blog post I mentioned has more details as well as pictures of the sprues:

    And like I said in the post above: 7 figures have a posable arm, 3 others have optional arms and heads which can be posed.

    Also included on the sprue are some bits to attach to the arm to create a heavier look.

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    ah right, must have missed that. what sort of colour scheme are you going for?

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    I think something similar to the concept art, silver and gold armor, with green shields and red details.

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    Finished the faces... please note I\'m going for good gaming quality instead of showcase for this project.

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