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    Excellent work! Made me think about starting Ogre kingdoms. I vote for blue warpaint myself, even if it is a little Deff Skullz-ish

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    Sooooo.... it has been a long time... lol. Anyway, the ogre unit still looks exactly like it did in the last post a year ago Once I knocked out that unit of dwarves and shook the cobwebs out, I figured it might be worth something a bit more serious... so I went back to work on the Tyrant. I think that he is close to being done, but don't think he will be fully complete for about a week or so, so I am hoping to get some early feedback on things that are working, not working, etc... it is the little details that make the difference.

    Anyway, enough talk... here are some pics of the UNFINISHED Tyrant:

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    Lovely work, only thung i can say is that the snow looks odd somehow.
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    Beautiful. I like the rust on the blade and the contrast between the green skin and the purple cloth

    I agree with mar on the snow though, I think its that the ground under looks very dry and dusty and that small amount of snow still looks so white and fresh, whereas it probably would have instantly got mucky and slushy. If you wanted that ratio of snow/bare ground id have gone for dark rock or fresh vegetation/grass. I you want that dusty mud look coming through that whiteness then maybe take the snow up to the edges so it seems like it would be the edge of alot more "off base". The tree poking through also seems a little deserty.

    Hope that helps and I didnt sound like i was moaning, Its a wonderful piece


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    Nicely done Mouse! I agree with the others - love the green/purple contrast and the rust is really, really nice and I also agree with the snow/base issue. One thing I'd like to add is that the metalics on the chainmail, the paint appears to be kinda thick and that you just "splotched" it on there. I've discovered even when doing rusted beat-up chainmail if you keep your brush strokes going with the flow of the mail (just like you do cloth) it works a lot better. It's kinda hard to explain but if paint the mail just like you would a cloak it really works nicely. Otherwise its a fantastic mini! Great job!

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    Aha, this one's closest to the top! Nice to see you back MouseKiller

    I like the latest Ogre, green on the Gnoblar with the gems over his thighs works well. Might be nice to see it from the rear as well but I'm unsure where to put the green. There's an orangey brown patch on the rear side of his left leg, perhaps swith that stain to a green? Or two leaves on the twig?

    From memory, your metals have come on well. Was it a chaos knight that had lots of fiddly detail amongst the metallics that was tricky to define? The plates stand out nicely from the chain, etc. on this guy. Nice work.

    Cheers, B.
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    I know, it has been a while. Two notes here, one, I seem to have lost two of the unit in my two moves since I started painting them, and two, I plan to get another 6 of these painted up once I have them ordered to flesh the unit out to a solid 10.... so I will wait to post the unit up for a vote until after they are finally completed some day down the road.


    The Bashers make up the brunt of the Tradebasher tribe, always the front of any fight. Made up of the young, unproven, and most brash of the tribe, these Ogres are effective in their simple smash style. Tactics are beyond them with the exception of one, the boss points and the Ogres smash. Led by an old Ogre, affectionately known as Smasher, who has figured out that the first to smash are the first to loot, the Bashers are an unstoppable mass of muscle and fat.

    Up next will be some Ironguts, check out my WIP thread for updates on their progress!
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    A while....... 3 years!!!!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ten ball View Post
    A while....... 3 years!!!!!!!!!
    hey, we are not all speed painters like you and Andy! Lol

    As people have noted, i love the purple striped pants. The fact that you vary the pattern width for each Ogre really adds to the rag tag nature of the Ogre army yet keeps the look cohesive.

    very cool.


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    So, I decided to post each of the ogres on their own to show some more of the detail, these guys are so big that I felt they each deserve their own time in the lime light. Plus, they pretty much told me to do it... and you can't say no to an Ogre let alone a bunch of them. Over the next few days I will get each of them up...

    10 Ball: Come on, give me some credit... it was more like 2 and a half years
    Krulebear: Thanks, took me some time in the beginning (I know its hard to think back that far, lol) to figure out the right color. In the end I went with purple because eventually the story line will tie into Greasus, and I figure he would be pomous enough to adopt the color of royalty. On the next set of Ironguts, I plan to diversify the shield colorings quite a bit, where as with these guys all the loot tended to flow with the red and white theme, do you think that that might be too distracting?

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    You got some nice looking ogres sir. And the tattoos are really cool IMO.
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    Heya, I am new to your thread but I got to say on this page you got some nice looking minis, I like your metallics.

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    Digganob: Thank you very much!

    Teronus: Thanks! I will be following your dragons closely, as you have some nice skills with the beastly lizards yourself!

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    Sorry about the delay in getting this guy up.

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    Hehe I like the grot on top of the banner. I see him saying "over there fatty."
    My WIP -
    "Screw paint by numbers, that garbage is for kids. Paint by BAM, now that's the way to go
    ." -Me-

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