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    Found I had a PM this morning from someone called warhub, asking if I would let them use my pictures (with proper credit) on their new website/fansite, www.warhub.com. Anyone else had this or know anything about it? ??? It\'s very flattering, but I\'m hardly the best painter on here! lol Wonder if they\'ve been working their way down and finally hit me? I\'m slightly inclined to say yes, but I think I\'d like to know more first.

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    I got the same and they got a NO!

    Cheeky bastards...

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    i said yes. as long as i am credited, why would i say no?

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    Originally posted by alextheartist
    I got the same and they got a NO!

    Cheeky bastards...
    You\'d prefer that someone didn\'t ask, used your pictures anyway and didn\'t give you the credit? ??? These guys are paragons of internet politeness by comparison.

    I\'ve sent them back a PM with a few questions about their site because I\'m nosey. I\'ll probably say yes though. Hey, it spreads the love for my minis! lol

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    Have they sent this to all members with pictures because I got one too? And I have only a few old pictures in my gallery and they really are not too great.

    Or are they just going to make a fansite for the mediocre painters? :)

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    I would rather people didnt use my images on their website, asking doesnt make it any different, I still dont want them using my pics.

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    man and i thought i was been purpusfully head hunted !! now i dont feel special (unless they asked me but not automaton or yellowone!)

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    Originally posted by alextheartist
    I would rather people didnt use my images on their website, asking doesnt make it any different, I still dont want them using my pics.
    And that\'s your decision. But my point was that at least they gave you the opportunity of saying \'no\'.

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    ok a mass email. from warhub to everyone... i got it to and said yes. now they get a no from me.

    i have a feelign it could be spam.
    mods? any ide3as.

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    i think its genuine but im not agreeing to something that i dont know about first

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    got one too, but seeing how low I am on the foodchain of mini painting I got a feeling it was a mass mailing. So I\'ll probably say no, all the pics are on CMON and I\'d rather have people come to CMON to see them. We don\'t need another internet gallerie.

    If it was just a couple of specifique pics for illustration purposes or something like that, I\'d be all for it though. Got the same message for my articles (well translations anyway0 and said yes.

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    Even I got one. And all I could think was \'I have a great mini painted? Is this guy on crack?\'

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    I thought this was put to bed the other week when I got a PM asking to use my articles on their site, the guys user name on here then was Robbeasy, I PM\'d Dragonsreach about it, then this afternoon I get a PM asking to use my photos, I gave them the same answer basically no.

    The work I have done on here remains on here as far as I am concerned it was done for the CMON community not for somebody elses website, all work on here is copyright of the individual and if they use anybody\'s work withough permission then...

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    sounds like they are just trying to clone cmon? anyone know what they actually have planned?

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    just got an email from them apologizing for the mass email. they were incredibly cool about it. so there is that. i say we give them a chance and see what they have. everyone makes mistakes.

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    But I felt so special.... like a unique snowflake or a beautiful butterfly soaring on winds of hope.....

    Everyone got one? Now I have to go take my self-esteem pill and begins my daily affirmations.

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    well seb still ghasnt said he got one so maybe they are being selective scott!

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    Got one too, said yes and thanks for asking. In my eyes everything ok, if you got mentioned in the end.

    Now after i found this thread i am freaking scared somehow of my yes lol


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