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    I am a new painter and I am having trouble with shading the flesh. I like pale colors with my flesh. I have been told about washing or inking with browns but it always comes out to dark. The color I have that I like is ryn flesh by PP. That is what I would like it to look like. Can anyone suggest anything that gives the model defination but is still close to that color.

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    Ok I\'m not that familiar with Ryn Flesh,or any of the P3 range, but having done a search it does look like a pale version of GW\'s Elf Flesh.
    So rather than do washes of browns, if you think that is making your skin tone look too dark, use an under colour of a mix of the Ryn Flesh and a more darker skin tone, then highlight using the Ryn Flesh.

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    Try shade with a purple or dark red ,mostly would say do not be afrad to try anything you will be suprised what works.


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    Are you at a stage where you\'re using washing/inking as your way of shading everything?

    If so, try adding a bit of the original skin tone or a bit of gray to the brown you have for doing the flesh wash to lighten it up a little and try again and see if you like it any better. Or thin the original wash down even more. Do a coat and let it dry, then if you want it darker you can do another coat.

    If you\'re at the stage where you\'re painting in the layers of a darker colour on other parts of the model, go ahead and do that for the skin, too. Add a bit of the brown to your original skin colour, thin it down and paint it into the areas that would look darker. It takes more time, and it\'s a bit trickier figuring out where those areas are, but you\'ll get a more subtle effect and control your colours better.

    Or you can try a glaze. Shading skin with a glaze can be pretty subtle, but it\'s a good way to do pale skin, elves or females if you don\'t need blaring tabletop contrast. The tricky part is experimenting a bit to find a colour that\'s good for the glaze. I started with Jenova\'s tutorial, but I see now she doesn\'t explain the glaze process very much.

    A glaze is a bit like a wash. You thin the paint down a LOT. It\'ll look like tinted water, pretty much. It is possible to make it too watery, but in general it\'s better to thin it more than thin it less cause you can always do more layers. Then you paint it all over the skin, but in a controlled way. You\'re trying to get a thin layer over all of the skin, rather than pools that collect in the wrinkles and depressions.

    Hope any of that makes sense!

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    I\'d suggest glazing with a little green to take off the pinkness


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